Sunday, 17 May 2009

I've just got up from my sick-bed... do my e-mails and couldn't resist popping on as I had a couple of comms I'd not seen, one of which was this lovely award from Spyder's Corner.
I'm going back to bed in a minute, as my temp is back up again, but I must say, it's a tonic to have been given yet another award from this talented arachnid!
Thanx Lynn!

I'll pass 'em along presently, but not today - too sick.


  1. Hello my sweetheart do take care of youself you are a lovely lady and work so hard you creations are always a pleasure to see so hope you get better soon will keep an eye on my blog to see when you are up and about again lots love cheyrl xxxx

  2. Back to bed NOW young lady and get better very soon.

    Luv Jane XX

  3. I see you have been gettin g your instructions lol!! I hope you have taken some notice and are feeling better now
    sending some gentle hugs
    love rozzy xx


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