Thursday, 14 May 2009

What a week....!

...and it isn't over yet...!
My beautiful little granddaughter Ada has been on her hols with me this week as Mummy & Daddy have bogged of to Ceylon to fry on the beach and play with elephants!

Cor! I'd almost forgotten what hard work a 13month old is! Almost....!
I've just got her off to bed, about an hour ago, and I'm ready for me pit meself!

Neither of us is well this week - she had what I thought was croup last week and - hey presto! - this week Nana's got Laryngitis which has now turned to a chest infection. Lovely! Just what you want when you're hauling not only your own immense, asthmatic bulk up the stairs but two stone of toddler too! I'm surprised the wheezing or my heartbeat didn't wake her up. Obviously takes after her Granddad for that!
How come she can say 'Gandad' but 'Nana', (the woman who takes care of her ever need and whim, who sweats blood to have her Oatibix the right temperature and her 'bok bok' on tap...) totaly eludes her? Hmmm. Touch of sexism going on there, if you ask me! Have to have a look at the employment manual....!
I'll add a piccie tomorrow - too cream crackered now!

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