Wednesday, 31 August 2011

My first Christmas cards of the year!

I've done it! I've made my first Christmas cards of the year!  I'm not usually this organized, it must be said!
Here they are!

and .....

I've also made som gift-card/money/teabag wallets....

...and a couple of Maze books!

I need to make something but I just don't have the time or a good reason...! My next 'reason' is my daughter's birthday at the end of September and I've a boxful as would do for that!  

I've now to make some kind of home out of the mayhem the builders have left so I feel guilty wanting to craft....!
At least this latest carpet fitter actually turned up...!
PS - I've put a link in my sidebar for my Etsy shop - I'd be chuffed if you'd have a look and comment ....better still BUY something from me!  The taxman's not going to recover from his laughing fit at this rate!

My Christmas cards entered for......
Christmas Stamping all year round
Crafty Hazelnut's Christmas Challenge

Sunday, 28 August 2011

After the event.......

....and I'm totally out of pocket but enjoyed the day very much anyway!

The venue is a lovely old ex-police-station and we were in two medium-sized rooms on the ground floor.  The table was a bit wobbly but once everything was out on it, it became a bit more stable!

I managed to park nearly outside the venue just whilst I unloaded (four trips) but then had to park up  a short walk away as I was on yellow lines.

All would have been well ( and mostly was..) if the heavens hadn't opened and a biblical-scale deluge of rain hadn't come bucketing down, soaking me to the skin !
Thank goodness I managed to get my stock inside before the worst of it hit! Cards and rain are not a good mix!

Unfortunately, this mini-monsoon lasted most of the day and kept footfall to a minimum. I don't think we had over thirty peeps in all day.

On th bright side, I had 'won' one of the demonstration tables and so was able to spend my day making up more jewellery.....not that I got much made as I'd just got two new toys in the morning post - a 'Thing-a-Ma-Jig' and wire-twisting Gizmo. 

The latter is especially welcome as it saves my fingers a lot of grief from the wire-work!   I actually spent twice as much on these pieces of vital equipment, than I took, and they weren't at all expensive! 

 I only sold two items - a £2.50 Gift-card/money gift wallet and a small £10.00 charm bracelet!  That won't keep the wolf from the door and may, indeed, cause the taxman to die laughing!! LOL!

I have to say though, that I thoroughly enjoyed myself anyway and would like to thank my lovely daughter-in-law Dani for coming with me to 'help'! (hehehehe..!)
She was charming company and her artistic eye was imperative to the success of the mission ( will follow shortly...!)

The other table-holders were lovely - very welcoming and helpful.  I look forward to doing it again and next time should be easier as everything is set up now. My stock is all labelled and on a spread-sheet, my cards and jewellery all bagged up and priced.

I suspect though, despite my enjoyment, I will not be the next Alan Sugar anytime soon.......!


Friday, 26 August 2011

Craft Fayre Tomorrow......

....and I'm bricking it! LOL!  I'm also looking forward to it as I really want to know if anyone would buy my stuff! They'd better - it's cost me a fortune!

I also have a new Etsy shop here although it's only got one bracelet in at the minute! I thought I'd wait and see what I'm left with tomorrow but I'm quite excited because I've got back into my jewellery making.   I don't yet have access to 'proper' metalworking facilities, so no proper rings etc. yet, just the bought blanks for now, but I've taken up wirework again and although a bit rusty, it'll soon come back.

Here's a small selection of some of the items I've made. I have loads more on the go and even more ideas but not enough time to make them real for this one.  Might for the September one though!

and a couple of cards too...!

My 'Leaping Deer' whitework card....

..........and a tri-fold card with bookmark.

There are loads more items - these are just a few of the new ones.   
Off to finish my preps now!

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Not been on for a couple of weeks.......

...because I've been really busy!
Apart from losing the best part of a week to tonsillitis, I've been making stuff for my craft fayre and we've been messed about something rotten by the builders - he didn't come back to finish the job off and so we've had to swap over to decorating the front room instead.

My Michael has been a marvel, hanging the beautiful wallpaper Beverley bought for us.  You'd never believe he's only ever hung paper on one bedroom wall before - he's done a most marvellous job!

We did run a bit short of paper though and not wanting to pay £55.00 for half a drop, I got busy with the decoupaging scissors on the off-cuts! LOL! See, it comes in handy being crafty! You can't tell unless you're looking for it and the curtains will cover most of it anyway.

Once I clear the debris away in my craft-room, I'll try to photograph what I've made and put some of it on here. I've no doubt most of it will remain after the craft fayre! LOL! 

My nephew Richard and his wife had their second son this week too - no name yet - a brother for Benjamin.

I also had a lovely day yesterday. My friend from Oz, Jenny, came home for a visit and I was able to connect with her for Sunday lunch at the local pub.  It was great fun - she hasn't altered a bit in about twenty two years! Just as mad..... LOL! I'll upload a couple of pix when my other mate sends them to me.

That's all for now - I'll be back on later with some projects - I hope!

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Good news (..maybe!)! and some bad.......

First the bad news, well it is for me anyway.  

If I still had tonsils, I'd have tonsillitis - not sure what it's called when you've had them removed (...well, mostly - the surgeon kindly left me a little of the tonsil tissue as a memento of my horrible sore throats I used to suffer before they were removed 40 years ago...!) but I have all the same horrid symptoms!

This is a blow, as I was due to my last Weight Loss meeting today and I just can't go. Apart from feeling unsafe to drive whilst my head is swimming so, I don't want to pass it around all the lovely peeps I've met over the last 12 weeks.

I've just got up to telephone them to let them know and to have a Lem-Sip and now I'm going back to my pit.

....oh! The good news...?  I'm doing my first craft fayre in over twenty-five years on 27th August! Brave yes...?

I'll give more info later on - got to go to my bed just now.......

Lots going on at Chez Eiglas... ;)

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