Wednesday 21 August 2013

New Grandbabby! Welcome baby Elvie!

When I looked, I could hardly believe the date of my last post! Such a long time ago!  Needless to say - been very busy with one thing and another. I admin on a couple of crafty groups on Facebook now and it's very addictive!

I also have a new grandbabby!  

Here is the beautiful Elvie Bow Nicholson born 5:45pm Thursday 1st August.
                                        Day one - in incubator

Is she exquisite or not...?

Day two - all smoothed out

Day three - awake!

Day five - stop talkin' I'z tryin' ta sleep!

I made a card (of course! LOL!) for Mum & Dad.

All though Danielle's pregnancy, the 'bump' was called Elvis - hence the sentiment in the middle! We were all shocked when she turned out to be a girl! We were all convinced it would be a boy - it took them a couple of hours for it to sink in and give her a name - Elvie! Which I think is beautiful.

I've also been making Christmas cards but I haven't photo'd them yet. I may do one day.....!

I've made a box to match this card and it's big enough to take an 8 x 8 journal, so guess what the proud parents are getting for Christmas......! LOL!

Hugs for now
Ei x

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