Thursday 26 February 2015

My New Job..... very welcome (Need the pennies!) but BOY, is it getting in the way of my creativity! :(

Only five hours a day, but that is pretty much all of my spare time (if you don't count sleeping and I don't do enough of that as it is) so I'm afraid my crafting has had to take a back seat!.

Not that I've done nothing, mind you, but not much in the way of cards - I even BOUGHT my Hubby's Valentine card  (...oh, the shame...!)...!

My continuing creativity has turned more to my drawing and painting and I've had a few peeps ask for Pet Portraits so I've been doing more of that,

Never used soft pastels before - well not since school anyway - far too messy for me! But I acquires a set of pastel PENCILS and these are much more controllable and less messy

My Lola was snoozing on the couch so she was my first (and only so far) pastel victim! :D  I was quite happy with the result though - I've never managed a discernable likeness with pastel before!

This is my latest creation - my Liver Bird #2 - the female.  I'm sure I blogged Liver Bird #1 previously but just for my edification, here she is again......!

...well, actually, that's the male bird - he wears the pants, so to speak, while his missus watches the river for returning seamen.

This was the first Liver Bird I did in 2011. A friend wanted a Liver Bird for a badge but all the drawings she found were copyrighted (...duhhhh...! Obvs!) so she asked me to draw one for her and this was it.  Another Daddy Liver Bird it would seem (although I haven't detailed his feathers)!

I need to pop off now and get ready for work, but I'll be back with more of the stuff I've been doing, later on!
Ei x


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