Saturday 30 May 2009

Yesterday, I received my Blog Candy ...

,,,from Jude of Crafts International! And what a fab haul!
Creative Card Making Magazine (complete with a whole pile of complimentary papers...) Papermania tinsel Sparking Trims, Papermania Studded Stickers, Prima Flowers (not in piccy - already using those...!LOL!) We R Memory Keepers Designer Gromlets and keeping the best 'til last, a set of Daisy & Dandelion clear stamps! I can't wait to use them!
Thanks so much Jude and daughter! Very, very happy.....!

The Next Level...... having it's launch on Monday and to celebrate, they're offering not one but TWO fab lots of Candy, which I think is more than generous! I made a link to them last week and thought I'd posted this info too but must have failed to publish (..well, let's face it, I wasn't with the programme on many levels last week...!) so I've re-posted. Their blog is well worth a visit and sounds like it will be great fun and full of challenges! Hugs Ei x

Lola....gets a new puppy!

As promised - here's Lola with her new puppy, Daisy!
Sorry about the shadowy photo - I'm having a few photographic probs in my house at the mo!
Hope you like them both as they'll be having adventures soon....!
I've used the fab DCWV (I love them!) The Pets Stack and coloured Lola with Copics. The little daisies are really cheap silk ones off a bunch from Wilkinsons - you get loads on a bunch for about £1.50!

Lola ....been shopping...?

Meet Lola!
She is my new digistamp for use especially with Copics. I love using Copics pens but there aren't many stamps out there which appeal to me that have the 'open' spaces that copics do so well, so I designed this set of stamps especially for that although, clearly, they can be used with any medium you like!

This card is my entry also for the Colour Create Challenge.
The colour scheme is pink sorbet, lemon & chocolate so that's what I've used for Lola's first airing!
The papers I've used were inspired by the colours - they look like Neopolitan ice-cream and K&Co have a Scrap-pad to Go actually called Neopolitan so that's also what I've used! LOL! Scrummy....!
I've kept in mind the 'shabby-chic' directive, hence the pastel-chalking in chocolate and the sanding of the embossed lemon mount.
I've also coated Lola's title name with Anna Griffin's Clear Glass Finish which I've made a little messy too.
Finished off with three blooms, a pearl button and stitching.
Hope you like her - she'll be back soon with a new puppy!

Tuesday 26 May 2009

This Lickle Piggy....

My latest 'Aida' offering is called 'This Lickle Piggy...' as she's sitting in her Nana's window seat counting her toes!

I stamped and decoupaged the image of Aida and mounted her with 3d foam squares onto my 'Nana's Garden' image. I only lightly scribbled the background image so it wouldn't overpower the pastel shades of the baby.

'Aida' is coloured in Copics and the background is in Zig Photo-Twin as I haven't yet learned how to make Copics less saturated! LOL!
(Just as well I'm going on a course next week...!)

The paper I've used on the front of the card is one of my favourites.
It's '12xTwelve' Window Gardens Collection by Jennifer O'Meara - 1 pane Single Daisy. This collection of papers is fab as it features a different old window-pane on each sheet along with a beautiful flower.
I bought my first set years ago and they were really expensive so I used them very carefully and meanly, then I couldn't source them again, so I was chuffed to bits to find a supply again last week!
A bit of lace and ribbon for Nana's curtain panels and you're all done!

I hope you all like this and if you should need more in-depth instructions for this or any of my projects, please don't hesitate to leave a message on my comms section or e-mail me!
Thanks for looking!
Something is not right with my camera - the colours aren't coming out correctly. I'll take another pic with Hubby's camera and re-upload later!

Sunday 24 May 2009

Cap'n Ada Takes 40 Winks

Our beautiful, kind daughter and her handsome thoughtful brothers did a very nice thing today (...well, a few weeks ago actually but it only came to fruition today!).

Nic (my OH), an old sea-dog, had his birthday at the beginning of May so our lovely kids, organised by our methodical daughter, booked a narrow boat on the Leeds-Liverpool Canal for the day today for the whole family!

They couldn't get his birthday date because he was in work and today was the first convenient date we could all get together so on his actual birthday, all the kids gave him daft pressies with a nautical theme.
He got a 'Captain's' hat, a book of maps of canals (published by Nicholson, our surname...!), a small plastic launch for the bath, bottles of Lamb's Navy Rum etc etc.... His birthday cards all had a nautical theme and he was looking pleased but slightly perplexed when he asked me 'Are you sending me back to sea or something...?' LOL! Then Bev gave him his real pressie and the penny dropped!

Well, today we went on our jaunt and it was fab!
Apart from anything else - what a perfect summer's day it was! Not a cloud in the sky and a light breeze - perfect!

Crewing the narrowboat was a hoot! I don't know how the owner's can trust total landlubbers with their craft, but they do!
Nic, of course, isn't a total landlubber, having been an Engineering Officer in the Merchant Navy when we met and when we were first married, but it WAS a long time ago and he was NOT a navigating officer! LOL!

Everyone had a wonderful time and took turns apiece on the tiller, opening bridges and mooring up.

The only person not to have a totally wonderful time was poor Mikey, who has come down with whatever plague it was the rest of us have had over the last few weeks. Ahhhh! Bless!

Ada thought it was the best thing ever! She paraded around in her mini-mae west like it was Vivienne Westwood or something! She looked very cute in her white matelot pants and navy & white striped top!

Bev'll have a fit when she sees her photos - she tried very hard, pulling all kinds of faces, to keep her mouth closed (always a problem with Bev...!LOL!) because yesterday she had a BRACE fitted and she's very self-concious of it! Tell you what, don't tell her about them....I wont! LOL!

I've uploaded a couple piccies but the layout is quite basic 'cos I want to go to bed before my eyes heal up....!
Night night!

Saturday 23 May 2009

Frederick the Literate Cat

Creative Inspirations Challenge 9 is looking for cards featuring our favourite stamps.
I really couldn't choose my favourite stamp out of all the hundreds in my collection but certainly Stamps Happen stamps have to be up there and this one is one that I like a lot!
It's called 'Frederick the Literate Cat' by Charles Wysocki and I've coloured it mainly in Copics with a few touches of other pens. Every time I do this stamp it turns out differently - I'm not sure I could do two the same!
Hope you like Frederick - he's a good friend of mine!

Friday 22 May 2009

'I'm a Little Teapot...!'

My Ada's favourite little song is 'I'm a Little Teapot...' with all the actions, including 'tip me over, pour me out!' so I just had to, didn't I....?
Doodlebug papers and my own, brand new digistamp, coloured with copics.
I'm entering her for Challenge 1 of Jude's Crafts International Craft Challenge.
The theme is 'New', so it's a brand new digistamp and could be used for a new baby! It's also a 'new' card because it's my own sketch too! LOL! Anyone hear the barrel scraping...? LOL!
Pop over to Jude's place - there's lots going on!

Hope she makes you smile!

Feeling so much better now....

....not totally better yet - Gosh! Soooo tired! But the horrible wracking cough is starting to ease up (which I'm so glad about - I don't wanna be a Tena-Lady just yet...!) and I managed to actually sleep in a bed instead of a chair last night!

I must apologise for anything I've missed, omitted or said or whatever - I really haven't been 'all there' for over a week now and can't be held responsible, honest your honour! LOL!

Still, I got my 'Aida' sketches done so my time wasn't completely wasted.
I miss my little Ada though. Clearly, I couldn't have her this week and I feel like a limb's been chopped off! Should have her back on Tuesday though! Ahhh!

I think I'm all up to date now, so night night all!

Thursday 21 May 2009

Love to Shop!

Here's my entry for the Copics Colour Challenge 14.
This is way out of my comfort zone, both in content (I'm not a girly girl and hate shopping...!) and the colours required are not really 'me' either but it's because of these things I found it so enjoyable - a real challenge!
Hope you like it!

I really enjoy the Copics Challenges - I've not many Copics yet but adding to them all the time - and hope to attend Maddy Hill's workshop in June to try to improve my technique (...what technique...?!) and learn more about the pens and what they do. Can't wait!

I was chatting with Maddy yesterday and what a lovely, friendly lady she is! Considering it was the first time I'd spoken with her, I felt like we'd known each other for years! But that's crafters the world over, isn't it?
We're just a bunch of creative soul-mates! LOL!

Wednesday 20 May 2009

Have Potty, Will Travel...! Card

Here's my second of my 'Aida' series which I am entering entering into the Copics Challenge as the image is coloured only with copics. I had a bit of trouble with the photo - the colours are not coming out as well as the 'real' card but I'll take another photo tomorrow in a better situ.

I also found another fab blog for Copics - Copic Creations .
It's well worth popping over there if you like Copic pens as there are tutorials available both as pdf download and video tuts.
I'm entering this there too as this week the challenge is all about colouring blonde hair!

Hope you like her!

Tuesday 19 May 2009

I won some candy!

Just had a nudge from the lovely Jude from Crafts International to tell me that whilst I've been away poorly, I've won some candy from her lovely blog! What a lovely pick-me-up!
I'll look forward to that as I'm on a very strict stash diet now due to overindulgence over the last few months (oops!)! My poor credit card is in traction at the plastic surgeon's place so I can't use him until he's much, much better.

So thank you once again Jude and her soon-to-be-twelve daughter!
Pop over to visit her - there's more candy up for grabs for her birthday celebrations!

Potty Aida! - One-stop Craft Challenge 44

I've considered for some time that my Ada is like a cartoon baby!
She really does personify the cuteness and happy ways of a fictional toddler but it's all natural.

So, having now tried the digi-stamps in the shape of the gorgeous Mikey, I've created Ada's alter-ego, Aida, in a similar format!
She's not good enough for general release yet because I need a new tip for my tablet-pen, so all I have at the moment are my own pen & ink drawings, and ideally she should be printed on a laser printer as inkjet ink bleeds when you water-colour or use Copics with it.

This is my first attempt. I've used Copics (...very carefully...!) and Zig Photo-Twin pens to colour card, making it my entry for the One Stop Craft Challenge & Saturday Sketch!
Hope you like her - I have more of her to come!

Sunday 17 May 2009

I've just got up from my sick-bed... do my e-mails and couldn't resist popping on as I had a couple of comms I'd not seen, one of which was this lovely award from Spyder's Corner.
I'm going back to bed in a minute, as my temp is back up again, but I must say, it's a tonic to have been given yet another award from this talented arachnid!
Thanx Lynn!

I'll pass 'em along presently, but not today - too sick.

Thursday 14 May 2009

What a week....!

...and it isn't over yet...!
My beautiful little granddaughter Ada has been on her hols with me this week as Mummy & Daddy have bogged of to Ceylon to fry on the beach and play with elephants!

Cor! I'd almost forgotten what hard work a 13month old is! Almost....!
I've just got her off to bed, about an hour ago, and I'm ready for me pit meself!

Neither of us is well this week - she had what I thought was croup last week and - hey presto! - this week Nana's got Laryngitis which has now turned to a chest infection. Lovely! Just what you want when you're hauling not only your own immense, asthmatic bulk up the stairs but two stone of toddler too! I'm surprised the wheezing or my heartbeat didn't wake her up. Obviously takes after her Granddad for that!
How come she can say 'Gandad' but 'Nana', (the woman who takes care of her ever need and whim, who sweats blood to have her Oatibix the right temperature and her 'bok bok' on tap...) totaly eludes her? Hmmm. Touch of sexism going on there, if you ask me! Have to have a look at the employment manual....!
I'll add a piccie tomorrow - too cream crackered now!

Tuesday 12 May 2009


This is my entry to this week's Copics Challenge!
Isn't he gorgeous? He's Mikey from Charmed, Delectable Stamps.
I've coloured him with Copics and Marvy pens andadded a little glossy accents to his guitar to make it look more 'woody'.
I found him quite challenging as I don't have much in the way of 'masculine' elements and flowers just wouldn't do for a cool dude! So, I used my plec! And a CD. And saddle-stitch.
The backing paper is DCWV Rockstar.
Hope you like him 'cos you'll be seeing him again!

Thursday 7 May 2009

Gonna be busy next week.....!

Number 2 son, Mikey, found some 'bubbles' yesterday and entertained Ada for best part of an hour with them!

I may not be on much next week as my Ada is staying with me all week - nights too! I'm not quite sure if this is 'Ahhh!'or Aaaargh!' yet.....could be either as she is nursing a stinker of a cold and it should be in full spate by then - lovely!

I haven't had much time this week, either, as Hubby's been on holiday (...I think you all know what that means - don't they get under your feet?....) but I do propose another project very soon.

Off to do Nic's tea now, then I have to make him a birthday card for tomorrow!

Take care and speak soon!

Tuesday 5 May 2009

Guess what! Another award! LOL! This time from Lynne at Spyder's Corner! Thank you very much Lynne! By the end of tonight, I'll be able to post an award with me eyes closed! LOL!

Instantly I would like to share this award with my friend Cheryl who is so talented it's embarrassing! Her ATC's are amongst if not the best I've had the pleasure to receive and she is very encouraging to beginners.

There will be other recipients but I'm afraid it will have to be another day - I need me bed!

My Awards

I was very very flattered and pleased to have been given a lovely Blog Award last week from Jude at Crafts-International.
I've only been doing this blog thing for a couple of weeks (with much appreciated help from RozPoz) and I'm still very much feeling my way around, so can you imagine my delight when I came on tonight and found another lovely award from Cheryl of Cheryl's Creative ATC's & Cards !!
Gobsmacked or what?!
Totally blown away!
Thank you very much girls!

In recognition of this lovely gesture, I'm allowed to pass the ward on to a few other deserving blogs and I get to choose!

The following blogs are in the Eiglas 'Stupendous Blogs' list!

Fliss at The Stamper's Chef for her clever techniques! Pop over and see what she does !

Roz at Rozzybee for everything she does! She is so talented but is never too busy to help another crafter. She and her blog are both FAB!

Piddawinkle's Caged Thoughts are next on my list. She has such an interesting blog with a real mix of things and a wonderful collection of links. I love her work and the attention to detail.

Patties Art is another blog with real arty designs and techniques. Lovely blog Pat!

Pauline of Passion for Papercraft always has links to yummy candy and her blog is yummy too!

Copics Colour Challenge gives peeps the chance to use their Copics to the end of their imagination! I don't have many Copics yet, but I'm adding to them all the time and should be able to enter something worthwhile soon to the challenge!

Charmed Delectable Stamps for Mikey if nothing else! I didn't realise they knew my number two son! Their blog is soooo cute! I'm not usually into 'cute' stamps but these are starting to turn my head!

Spyder's Corner is funny, wacky and interesting (I've always liked spiders myself...!) and well worth a visit to top up your giggle reservoir!

Charisma Cards for their lovely challenges! I do like a nice challenge - I just wish I had more time to enter them! I usually make the project and then, because I'm inspired by so many challenges, forget which blog or forget to get it on in time! (Sigh...) I'm sure I'll improve.....

Well I've listed nine blogs because I have two awards! Don't foget to pop in and see them because they're worth a visit!


Saturday 2 May 2009

Faraway Friend

I have a cyber-friend in Australia who's been having a bit of a rough time lately, so I did the English thing and made her a card!
I've waited until she's received it before uploading it so here it is!

Faraway Friend

Materials & Method

One A4 pale greeny-yellow cardstock, scored & folded in half and then again,on the other side of the card, at the halfway of one of the sides. this will make a rough 'z' shape with one long side.

Laura Ashley papers of choice. One of each 12"x 12 & 6"x6"
3" x 6" scrap of other toning paper to back the 'turn-back'.
Toning Ribbon,approx 1 metre
Prima blooms or similar
Brads for centres of flowers. I used black ones.
Silicone glue, DST & 3D foam.
Hero Arts Shadow inkpad (in Celery for my scheme)
Small icon stamp to suit
Motto mounted on toning card

The pix tell it all really.

First use the icon stamp and the shadow inkpad to stamp randomly but not too thickly round the edges of the left hand part of the card, back as well!

Then using the inkpad, edge the same areas, smudging it in from the edge a little.

Cut an A5 piece of the 12"x 12" and adhere to the right-hand side (I stuck it on first and then trimmed it!) Edge with the inkpad.

Missing the first half inch (by the centre crease), stick, the 6"x6" on the left-hand side, allowing for the fold, but don't stick down the last 3" until you've backed it with the toning scrap.

Turn back each of the corners of the backed end of the 6"x6" leaving a little approx 1" channel for the motto.
You can stick these back, if you want to, with dst. I used a staple with a little scrap of ribbon on the top corner and the brad in the flower on the other.

You can now place a medium-sized brad on the outside of the middle crease of the cardstock at the level of the channel, so you can use the top of it as a fastener for the flap-edge of the card
, making a 'secret' compartment (the back of the front!)where you can put a special message or money-gift.

Stick down the half inch of 6"x6" hiding the 'legs' of the brad.

Now adhere your ribbon approx 1" in from front edge and down the middle crease. Also trim top & bottom of your 6"x6" with ribbon

Stick down the 'turnback' flap with a little dst.

Decorate with your Blooms to suit, I used silicone glue.

Stick your motto with a piece of DST into the channel left by the turnbacks.

I didn't photograph the back of the 'front' , (so to speak!) but I also decorated this with more of the 12"x12", ribbon & blooms. This, of course, is optional.

Don't forget your 'Made by' sticker!

Friday 1 May 2009

Charmed Delectable Stamps.....

...are giving away some lovely CANDY!
So pop over there and get some! LOL
And whilst you're at it, have a look on their website - the Mikey digistamps are gorgeous! I might have to get some of those - they are so cute!

Saturday Sketch Challenge

This is my entry to last Saturday's Sketch Challenge.
The Penny Black stamp is called 'Acrobat' and is coloured using Copics and Zig photo-twin pens. The hedgehog and the flowers are decoupaged and 3D foamed.
The larger flowers are Prima and the little daisies (...a good few of them too...) are from the 99p shop with a bottle of room-scent!
The photo's not so good because it's a totally miserable day and the flash was activated causing reflection from the foil of the butterfly sticker.

Lots going on at Chez Eiglas... ;)

I've been home from work now for nearly three months - and it has been wonderful...! I've drawn, painted, had an amazing time with ...