Friday 29 April 2016

Artisans At Croxteth Hall Sunday & Monday1st & 2nd May

We are at the Artisan's Market again - but at Croxteth Hall Park, Liverpool this time!
It's a huge event at this venue so I'm hoping we will do very well!

The last one was great fun and I did sell a few items too - always a bonus ! 

This one is in the house and grounds of a Stately Home - and it's very beautiful. I struck lucky and have secured an inside spot so the weather won't matter so much.

I have a few more items this week - one or two dragons!

Please come and say hello if you are local and can drop in. 

Tuesday 12 April 2016

....had a blast! the Artisan's Market at The Palm House, Sefton Park, Liverpool on Saturday and Sunday! It was really enjoyable and I managed to cover my costs for the tables , so I'm a happy bunny!

A small profit would have been nice but not even made a dent in the costs of materials yet! But it was fun and I'm going to book the May one at Croxteth Hall Park too.

Saturday my stall looked like this.....

....and Sunday, like this.

We had a super time - the other stall-holders were lovely and friendly and knowing I'd never done a similar event before, were also kind and helpful with advice.

There was an amazing collection of skill and talent there - every stall was different and each were unique.

I didn't get a lot of time to go round them - just a quick squizz and I wish I had taken more photos to show but I'll know for next time.

It was surprisingly sunny on Saturday morning, tempting me to just have on my Eiglas tee-shirt but I was proved to be very mistaken as with lunchtime came the Baltic cold and pouring down rain! 

Sunday was very warm and pleasant - and I had three coats with me ..... ;)

See you all at Croxteth Hall on May Bank Holiday - 1st & 2nd !


Friday 8 April 2016

A quick reminder about the Artisan's Market on Saturday and Sunday 9th & 10th April at the Palm House Sefton Park Liverpool 17.
AS I tol you in an earlier post - I was chuffed to be invited to take a table there this year and to show my art-works.
Well - I am as ready as I will ever be! :O  It's been a marathon of getting prints done, mounting them (what a job that is! :O) and framing them (I think I bankrupted Ikea... ;) )

Just a point to make - as a fledgling stallholder, I don't have a card machine, so could I be really cheeky and ask you all to bring plenty of folding stuff with you as I am sure that many other Artisans are in the same boat?
My artworks start at about £15.00 and go up to my star of the show at £50.00.

Please do try to come - if not to see me then to try out the wonderful food and music that will be there as well as loads of other fab stuff!
Be there or be square!  

Lots going on at Chez Eiglas... ;)

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