Tuesday, 10 September 2013

My mate's birthday

My very good mate, Brenda, had her 65th birthday yesterday and I finally got round to doing some crafting and made her this card.

Bren doesn't 'do' parties and the like so we just had a nice meal and I made her an apple-doughnut sundae!  

She really enjoyed it.


Getting a bit fed up of not having the time now and have resolved, after this week is over with I WILL start making and blogging again!

If any of you are following my 'Big Fat Journey...!' you will know I tipped the scales this morning at 15st 12lb! That is over five and a half stones gone since February!  I was so poorly last year I actually missed my 60th birthday, to all intents and purposes, so I intend having another this year! LOL!

I feel like I've had a rebirth and I'm actually forty-five not sixty!

Will have more news in a few days when I find out if I fluffed the interview or not! ;)

Hugs Ei x

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