Saturday 31 March 2012

I've decided, after some consideration, not to sell my digis/paperkits, but to give them exclusively as prizes for challenges I'm sponsoring or gifts.  

I never liked the idea of running a business again anyway - fart too much hassle - and I'm not the type to run a business and not declare - my nerves would be shot! LOL!

So, as of now, my work will only feature on either blogs I sponsor or by peeps who have won challenges on such blogs, or friends I have given them to for a special gift.

I'm leaving the prices as they are, so winners can still choose £10.00 worth of what they want.

Hope you all understand.


Thursday 29 March 2012

Midweek Magnolia

As you know, I've been MIA for a while now but I'm trying to get more done with the limited spare time I have.  I saw a friend's entry for Midweek Magnolia and it inspired me to have a go.  I am, it appears, rather rusty! LOL!  Never mind, I'll get better with a bit of practice!

Here's my card.

I used my own Eiglas  'Roseheart' papers and coloured my Tilda with a mix of Copics and Lyra pencils.
I know it's an unusual colour choice for a rather girly Tilda, but I wanted to do something a little different. With a very girly little granddaughter, I'm at risk of drowning in pastel pink....!

I may actually try this sketch again with another colour pallette - I have a rather nice message I just found at the bottom of a box and I'd quite like to use it for my little Ada's birthday in two weeks, but for now, this will suffice for the challenge over at Midweek Magnolia, I think you're allowed two but I'll need to check that.

See you soon!

Eiglas sponsoring Southern Girls Challenge #41

It's all go this year, here at Eiglas! 
Between Carol Smith and Yellow Moon and my new sponsorships with Jo and the team at C.R.A.F.T and this week's sponsorship with Southern Girls Challenge blog, I'm very nearly back with the programme and crafting again! LOL!

I'm so chuffed that these lovely craft challenge teams like my stuff and want to use it I jumped at the chance to share my paperkits and digis with them. 

I also want to share them with you and so am offering a £10.00 gift token to spend at my digi store ; do pop over there and have a look-see what you fancy!  I'd really appreciate any thoughts and comments too - good and bad!

These are two seriously talented teams and I cannot wait to see what they do with my kits and digis.

Like I said, this week, it's my privilege to be working with Southern Girls and their theme is 'Must Add Sentiment' so please do pop over to their blog and see what lovely creations they have made using some of my paper kits. 

They're a lovely bunch of ladies and have recently had a re-shuffle of their team and are welcoming a few new members, so please try to get onto their individual blogs and comment on their work, the same as they do for yours.

Here is my demo card for the challenge.

The paper is from my Eiglas 'Roseheart' paper kit, one of my favourite collections with very varied designs and a super colour pallette, and the quote is my own too.
I hope you like it!

Look forward to seeing all your entries!

Sunday 25 March 2012

I don't know what's going on with Blogger today.......

....but I can't do a thing with it! 

I've been trying for two hours, without success,  to access various things I can normally get to in a trice and the 'kill pages' keeps popping up.  And where have the little 'scewdriver' icons gone for editing your posts etc? Don't tell me they've removed that facility too?  Do I really have to go into 'Design/edit posts' etc just to adjust a bit of text?

Has everything really gone so much to pot in my absence?

I've tried turning off all my extensions but all that did was make my extensions not work! LOL!

So, I was trying to enter a challenge on one of my usual sites for male cards and I just cannot get there so I'll upload my card and try again later.

I'm sorry about the poor resolution but I forgot to snap it so my lovely son snapped it on his phone and messaged it to me.  Also sorry about the sideways view of the inner - Blogger will not let me have it landscape, however small I make it.  I even put it on a square white 'canvas' the same size as the front but it still turned it!   

.....aaaahhhhh! Finally did it!  I had to make a white square mat first then copy and paste the image of the inner onto it! What a faff!

Anyway, this is it (...and I'm now wondering 'was it worth it...?'  LOL!) I'll find the blog later and enter it ...if I can find it!

I've also noticed that my last two cards aren't on her either so I'll fix that now!

My lovely nephew Richard had his 40th birthday last week and I can't believe that! 

To me, he'll always be the eight year old who decided to visit his Auntie Eileen, the other side of the city, on the bus, in a deluge, with no coat on and without telling his mama! LOL!  He came to stay every week-end after that until he was well into his teens.  

He's the MD of his own security firm now and is part of the security forces looking after the Olympics! The original self-made man although he would pass on a lot of the credit to his beautiful wife Amy, who is his rock.

Just love him!  This is his card

He shared his celebrations with his lovely and much loved Mama, Pat, who was a very glamorous 80! Here's Pat's card.

It was a fab evening with live band and super food!It was especially lovely to meet up with family we don't see nearly enough of.

The whole thing was thought up and organized by Richard's sister, my neice Marion, who is an utter star!  She's always doing everything for everyone else and, I suspect, doesn't get nearly enough credit for her hard work and kind heart.

I appreciate her very much and made her a card and a Swarovski crystal necklace very similar to this one to thank her for all her hard work.

Be back soon with more!


Sunday 11 March 2012

Yellow Moon

I have an exciting new venture to share with you and our younger crafters this week!

I've been asked by a craft supplies company called Yellow Moon, to try out and review their quality craft supplies and, as a lickle bonus, we're having a 'Junior Crafters' corner too!

My gorgeous Ganddaughter, Ada, is not quite four years of age and she LOVES to craft so, I thought, let's encourage all the other littlies out there to get crafting! If my Ada can do it (and has been crafting since she was about two)  then there's no reason why others can't.

Ada uses scissors - proper ones, not the blunt ones usually earmarked for kiddies - she stamps and embosses (well, I do the heating up for her) and she sticks her own elements onto the cards she makes.
She's not four until next month, but already she's drawing recognizably human figures complete with fingers and teeth and as she's no prodigy, I imagine there are other three/four year olds out there who would also thrive on crafting, if they were allowed access to mummy's stash!

There's a stamping tutorial on my other site (  that Ada did when she was only two, if you'd like to see it. It just shows that even very young children CAN do quite complex things, if shown how.

Yellow Moon have kindly allowed Ada to showcase their products, which are great quality and amazingly simple to use.

Here's Ada's slideshow.  You can see quite clearly that she does everything on the card, other than cutting out the small pink heart (I did that for her) and I have to say that I think her card is actually better than mine!

Now for mine. I've opted to do my very first live video! LOL!  What a mess! But I'll swallow my embarrassment and persevere until I get the knack of it!

Materials (all available from Yellow Moon):-
A6 cards x 2
A4 green card x1
Self-adhesive owl x 1
Self-adhesive flowers x abt. 10
Sheet of glitter-foam letters
Self-adhesive acrylic stars x abt 12
Chenille pipe-cleaner x 1
Glue-tape or glue-dots or ds tape
DS foam tape or 3d foam squares

Here's the video...don't dare laugh...! ( You need to view all clips - it's apparently too long for one.)

I don't know what's going on with Blogger, but it won't at present, let me show the rest of this video.
I'm working on it....!

Here's the 'stash' the lovely ladies at Yellow Moon sent me:-

Fab, isn't it?   Hopefully we'll be doing this fairly regularly and I'll soon get the hang of the videos...! LOL!

There's actually a 20% discount being offered over there at the moment too, so pop over and have a look!

Lots going on at Chez Eiglas... ;)

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