Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Lickle verse for a child to his/her Mammy

Over on my home forum, Trimcraft, one of the Trimmies said they were having trouble finding a verse for a two year old to his Mammy so I put my keyboard to use and came up with this.

Feel free to use it as you wish (change the age/gender if you like..!). If you publish on the net or otherwise I'd really like it if you could just give a small credit 'verse by Eiglas'  or something.

For Mammy
When I was younger I remember the feelings,
arms warm around me, keeping me safe
and those soft spoken words, 'Mammy's here Darling,' 
making me happy and I knew it was you.

Then I got bigger, was up on my own feet,
Sometimes I'd fall over and land on the ground,
Then those soft spoken words'Mammy's here Darling' 
Making me happy and I knew it was you.

Now I am talking, a little bit anyway,
I'm trying to tell you, what you want to hear,
those soft-spoken words, 'I love you Mammy'
making you happy, 'cos I'm only two. 

Hope you enjoy it!

Sorry, not been around so much......

...but real life has got in the way a bit over the last couple of months and eaten into my crafting time.
Not just one thing but several - one of which is our BichPoo pup Lola's toiletting routine!

We've had about ten dogs, plus fosterlings over the years and I have never had such a hard time potty-training a dog before! This pup is the giddy limit! 

I'll be out in the garden with her at some unearthly time of the night/morning freezing my butt off and acting like a loon when she finally does something worthwhile, only for her to run back indoors leaving me like a lemon in the garden and by the time I get back in, she's left a message in the hall!

I blame those damn puppy pads they use these days - they seem to give the pup the idea that it's okay to toilet indoors, but last year when the pups were born we had the 'big freeze' in the UK and I just couldn't contemplate putting such tiny pups into the snow to toilet them - it would have been like aversion therapy! LOL!

Mind you, if Charlie, Lola's Dad, had not been a naughty boy, we wouldn't have had the problem of Winter pups....grrrr! 

She's been fine for a few weeks now and, to all intents and purposes, seemed to have got the message at last. Then she did it again! There's no rhyme or reason!

She was one last month so let's hope she gets the idea soon or I shall be tempted to make a pyjama case out of her...!

Crafting coming soon....I hope!


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