Tuesday 18 October 2016

Craft Show , South Liverpool, 20th November 2016

Next Craft Show is in Liverpool in November.
I don't do a lot of shows - only four or five a year - as I find them too exhausting at my age.
I still have to work for a living so it's a lot for an old gal ;)

But this is one I'm looking forward to.

Liverpool Cricket Club is an iconic venue with lots of history behind it and is a popular venue for all kinds of events.

The Craft & Design Show clearly think so too!

Please pop over there and have a good look at what is on offer :)
Ei x

Work in progress number 2 ....

Solana - acrylics and mixed media on canvas  60 x 45 cm
(husband likes this one better).

Still working on  this - it is so much nicer in real  life but may morph quite substantially  when I get back to it when it's dry.


Back into painting... ;)

I've been stupidly busy the last few weeks with one thing and another - I think it's called 'life' or something...but I've been busting to paint something all the while I've been stuck with 'real life', so today I did something about it.

I've always messed about with inks (as you can see if you scroll into my archives or look up techniques) and I've always loved the photographs from the Hubble telescope so I think this popping out of my brush might be something to do with that!

I call it 'Nova' - it's just a work in progress at the mo - and it's mainly acrylics on canvas (48 x 48 cm)  but with some multi-media thrown into the mix.  

I'll come back with the finished article once it's dry.
I have another on the go, while I'm waiting for 'Nova' to dry but it's too wet to even photograph at the mo :)

Be back soon!

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