Saturday 24 November 2012

Vintage Christmas card

There's no stopping me now the block has been removed! LOL!  
I made this card for the sketch challenge I co-run on my 'home' forum of Trimcraft and it fits in beautifully with the challenge on One Stop Challenge blog which used to be one of my favourite blogs when I was crafting regularly.

Here it is. I don't often use toppers - I usually stamp my own but I just LOVE this 1950's image of Christmas mini-Santas! 

Hope you like it!

Friday 23 November 2012

Midweek Magnolias - White Christmas

I'm finally starting to get some crafting done - and about time too! LOL!

I fondly imagined that when Ada went off to school that I would instantly get my life back....HAH!
Doesn't seem to work quite like that!  But hey ho! - I seem to be catching up a bit now.

My pal and ex-teamie Suzi Mac has asked me several times where my Maggie cards have gone and my answer is - with all the others I haven't had time to make! LOL!

So with that in mind and with Christmas fast approaching, I pulled my finger out and made one!

It's not a great pic, as it's the middle of the night so the setting I've used has made it a little more yellow than it is in 'the flesh'.  I'll try to take another in daylight although at this time of year, I'd better be quick!

I confess to a little artistic license! The benches and lamp-post aren't Magnolia they're from an Aussie company called 'Make it Crafty'.  and I think they fit really well with the Maggie style!

Hope you like this card - especially the lady who is getting it for Christmas!
I won't link to Midweek Magnolias until I take a better pic - perhaps tomorrow.


Well, it's tomorrow and wouldn't you know - the sun cannot seem to decide where or what he's gonna be!  I must have taken ten pix of this darn card and every time, the sun moves or goes in or comes out!  I wouldn't mind but he's not even supposed have his hat on today!  A week's rain in two days is what the weatherman said...!   Right Fred, that's YOU off my birthday card list! LOL!

Here are two, both taken within seconds of each other.....

......but you get the idea!  No clue which one to link to the challenge though!

Hugs Ei x

Also entered for CSAYL #38 - 'To Die 4'
                                  and Tilda's Town  - 'Anything goes'

Friday 2 November 2012

Ada's Yellow Moon Projects

My Ada has started school!  So I don't get to see her nearly enough any more.....  This makes me so sad.....  But when she does come to see me like she did on Monday, we..........CRAFT!  Ada love to make cards and this week she has some super Yellow Moon products to play with again. 

These products are super to use - such fun things as foam flowers and owls and this week - glittery cup-cakes!  The basic card pack is a wonderful rainbow of colours and although it's light enough for Ada to cut happily with scissors, it's also strong enough to stand up happily as a base card. I'm just really sorry i didn't get any photos of her working - my camera charger was mislaid so I couldn't get it to work until after she'd gone home.

Ada's other Nanna, Nanny Carron, had a birthday this week so Ada made her a lovely card with cupcakes on...

The only thing I did for her was cut the silver card for mounting the DP as although she uses scissors like a professional, I don't let her use a craft knife yet..!  Soon though, soon...!

You may well be forming the opinion that Ada's favourite colour for cards is ...RED...and you'd be correct!  She ALWAYS dives for the red card first from the fabulous rainbow pack provided by Yellow Moon.  

This week there were papers there too, so she could make a matching inner and the lovely silver mirri card we used for the mount too!

The cupcakes are self-adhesive foam and come in a multitude of colours in a generous bag.

Not content with making this lovely card for her Nanny Carron, Ada decided, in the same sitting, to make another card, for her new cousin Amelia.

Now, how many of us adults get around to making two cards in two hours...?  I know some of us are very prolific but I also know that some of my pals struggle to make two cards in a week!  Ada made both of these cards from scratch, scoring and folding the base card too, in two hours!

Just wait until she learns to write - there'll be no stopping her!

All items used in both of these cards, with the exception of the patterned papers, are Baker Ross brand from  the lovely peeps at Yellow Moon where you will find a huge selection of wonderful stash for a very reasonable cost!

I hope Ada will be back on Sunday to make some more projects with the rest of her Yellow Moon stash - there's a lovely baby mobile for her to make and some fab rockets too, so please pop back again and see what a four year old can make!

Hugs Ei x

Wednesday 31 October 2012


It's that time of year again when we are remembering not only our wonderful, brave troops presently serving but also those from a previous and increasingly, it seems, forgotten, time. 

These stalwart men and women, most of them not even career soldiers, gave their lives so we could live our lives in freedom and without fear of terror, dictatorship (arguably!) and bigotry and it behoves us all, even (and possibly especially!) our newer members of this wonderful land to give, in unity, remembrance and respect to and for them.


Thursday 6 September 2012

Back to the Blogging! Ada's Yellow Moon work...

Well, it's that day at last, the day my Ada started school...! I felt very confused about today. I felt apprehensive, yet confident for her because I just knew she'd fit right in - she's such an easy child.  But then I saw her photo in her school uniform....

...and I burst into tears.   No longer my baby then.... and another woman to give her all her knowledge and she'll soon realize that Nanna wasn't all that clever after all - teacher knows much more.....

But then, I remembered my own little ones as they went off on their school adventure (that's why I know she'll find me out for the fraud I am...!) - it was still me they cried for when they weren't well, it was still my name they called when they needed practical help and only I would do if they fell and hurt themselves.  I guess this will be the same.  And of course I still have......

....TOBLERONE!  My Toby is still coming to his Nanny on Mondays for the forseeable so I still have lickle hugs and kisses to look forward to.

No doubt he'll be as crafty in his way as his big sister...

...but probably EATING the cakes rather than making them...!

Ada is still craft mad and is now capable (...well actually she INSISTS!..) of making her cards from start to finish with no help at all except for any writing, although she signs her own name on them.

She has made some more projects for Yellow Moon with the fab Baker Ross stash they send her periodically and this time, appropriately for the Olympics, there is a sporting theme.

Here are her two Olympic cards  (she actually uses a bone-folder and scores and folds the card herself.).

This one was inspired by the young gymnasts doing the floor displays. Ada thought they reminded her of 'scattered pearls'.  I really don't know where she gets her expressions from but she sometimes amazes even me!

And this ones sums up her feelings of Team GB winning all the medals they did over the period of the games and the ParaOlympics too!

Keep in mind, she's only just four....  

There are more items but I've not yet photoed them so keep popping back to see Ada's work for Yellow Moon.

Before I sign off, there's one more card she whipped up when I wasn't looking......

I know it's primitive, but I wouldn't have thought of using the butterflies and the leaves in that way - the balance of the composition, I think, is fab, four year old or no!

I don't know about going to school, I reckon she'll be TEACHING there before long! LOL!


Tuesday 7 August 2012

I'm coming back soon......

I've not been on here very much at all this year.  For the last four years I've had my lickle Ada to look after and much as I love her to pieces, it was exhausting keeping up with a toddler at my age. 

Well this year I've had her baby brother Tobias as well and once again - he's a delightful child and I love him so much it's almost painful but my goodness - I've had no time at all to call my own! 

At least when I just had Ada,  I just had her and could stay indoors if the we wanted to. She's have her nap and I'd get a bit of a tea-break. But of course, she started morning nursery, which has been brilliant for her and I got Toby to cuddle instead.

But getting a toddler up from his nap, feeding, changing and wrangling him into the car and then out again at the other end to collect Ada ON TIME, then the same thing in reverse, all with the company of two small dogs - sometimes three if Ada's dog Izzy came with them - was something of a trick! LOL!

And we even had a sausage-dawg party in the garden, but the dogs clearly thought there was a catch somewhere....

Oh - I forgot to mention the small matter of Izzy whelping on my couch too. She had three but the littlest one only lived a week - I was very sad about that - but the two boy pups are HUGE and look very healthy.

I've loved it and sometimes - just sometimes- I've hated it, if I've not felt up to much with my fibro or my back or my hip etc etc. and would have preferred to wallow in my comfy chair with hot chocolate and painkillers....  but all in all, I wouldn't have missed it for the world.

And I grudgingly admit, they've probably kept me fitter than I would have been had I not undertaken their care.  And my ears will stop bleeding eventually....! Ada's mouth goes into chatter mode as her eyes open and it doesn't stop until they close again! LOL! She is just like her mother! Bev was exactly the same only she didn't start until a little older. She learned to talk as early but she was just a quieter child than her daughter!  

All I can say is I'll be surprised if Toby ever gets to talk properly - he can't get a word in edgeways between his sis and his Mum!

Well, my darling Ada goes up to school proper in September and as the little family live quite a distance from me, I won't have Toby anymore either - he's going to a nursery close to where Bev and Antony work, except for Mondays when I'll still have him at least, so that will be lovely!

It also means, I can get back to my crafting! This I am looking forward to, as it's taken a real back seat this year and I don't like that!

I have new toys - a Big Shot Pro and some new dies, and I want to use them, so look out for new ideas and projects from Eiglas in the coming months.

Christmas is on the way too, so I hope to get stuck in with a card a week for Christmas as well as other stuff.  I may even get back to a DT.....  well, maybe...!

I've missed all my friends on here and will be glad to be back in contact with you all very soon!

I'm still sponsoring at CRAFT (next one is 11th October) and hope to have some new digis very soon.  I've some interesting new ones I haven't had time to make up yet so look for those soon too.

Take care until we speak again...very soon I hope!


Thursday 19 July 2012

C.R.A.F.T Challenge - Use a Playing Card.

Eiglassing is sponsoring C.R.A.F.T Challenge Blog this week and the theme is 'Use a Playing Card'.  This sounds interesting and I can't wait to see what the team come up with!  

So if you're interested in some inspiration with Playing Cards - pop over to C.R.A.F.T!

Wednesday 20 June 2012

Southern Gals Challenge - Baby Baby...!

This week the Southern Gals have turned their attention to all things maternal - and that means babies!

As you probably know. I have one or two digi-stamps of babies.....and also baby-themed digital paper kits, but this time I've used one of my Eiglas digi-stamps, called 'A Little Secret...' portraying a pregnant young woman, which was actually a bespoke drawing I did for a friend who was making a card for one of her pregnant friends.

Looking at it now, I wished I'd put a bow on it too and I shall, on the 'real' one!  I may take another photo later.  Anyway, I'm sure the cards over at Southern Gals are much better than mine anyway. Why not go have a look?
Ei x

Friday 15 June 2012

My Mikey's Birthday.... I made him a card!
My Hubby, Nic, said he's sick of looking at my usual confection of faceless girls and flowers and to make something different.
So I did.....

Happy Birthday Mikey!


Wednesday 13 June 2012

Father's Day Verse

As I no longer have a Dad to make a Father's Day Card for, I thought I'd pass this one of mine over to those of my friends that might like to use it this week.


When I was only little,
sitting at your knee
I used to think of all the things
that you would do for me.
You’d fight my night-time dragons
well, if I’d asked you to, you would,
and you’d have fought my battles too
if I’d have said you could.
You’d fly in to protect me
if danger was around
and smite it with your fiery sword and make it go to ground.
As I grew older I would see
you weren’t a Superman,
no Bat-car waiting in the wings
- just a Mini-van.
But what was there was real and true
and sincere without fail,
you were Superdad instead, the not-quite perfect Male!
You may not be a Rambo
A Terminator 2
you’re not a Superhero Dad
but I’m just glad, you’re you!

Hope you enjoy using it because in a way, you'll be using it for my Dad too!


Wednesday 6 June 2012

Southern Gals! - Things with Wings!

It's that time of the month again!  The lasses at Southern Gals have a theme of 'Things with Wings' this week and in honour of this occasion I have launched a new collection of digis the Eiglas Faeries.

Being of a 'certain age' I have fond memories of the illustrations in 1950's 'faery-tale' books and as I have two willing and able models to myself most days, I thought it would be nice to make some 'faery' drawings with a 1950's feel.

This card is the debut of my 'Bobbikin'. He's only a baby faery and is just sitting on his toadstool trying to think up mischief.  I hope you like him although I've already had some 'eeukk's directed at his antennae so he's available 'naked' too (although the 1950's faeries did have them!)!

Please do pop over to Southern Gals - they're an incredibly talented  team and will inspire you to even greater pieces of art!

The model for my 'Bobbikin' was, again, my Ada although he wanted to be a boy!  He's coloured with my Copics but this particular image I printed onto glossy paper too. The bp is Kay & Co from their 'Mega-pad' grunge selection.

Hope you like him and you trip 'down under'!


Wednesday 30 May 2012

There is NO malware on this site!

I've just had a bit of a job getting  into my own blog - a big red banner was saying that elements from Shabby blogs .com was carrying Malware. - It was not! I checked it with the Google help site and it was all hunky dory but I took off the background anyway for the moment just to be on the safe side.

Please come back -  I'm not germy, honest....!  LOL!

Tuesday 29 May 2012

Scrap Surfing.....

I have so many decent scraps of paper and card in my room that I have decided that my next five cards are going to be made entirely with the darn things!  I'm trying to give some away but when I see them, it's like giving my children away...! Addicted...? You really think so...? Well, YE.E.ES!

Here's the first one. It's a Mo Manning image of her Geisha Girl and it's coloured, not Copics for a change,  it's Trias.   I coloured three of the same image with Copics, Tiras and the Marvy Alcohol Markers. There was a fourth coloured with Promarkers. That met the bin in short order! LOL!

No, Copics is King, followed by Trias. The Marvy's I will use on unimportant large areas until they run out and then I might just fill them with Copics ink, as the brush is thicker than the Copics one and therefore adds to the arsenal!

I really will have to part with some though....!

This week-end I've also been digi-doodling and I have some faeries on the way....  I think they're adorable as they are based on drawings of my baby granddaughter Ada when she was a little younger.  

Hopefully, I'll ger a card made with the first one this week!  


Tuesday 22 May 2012

Midweek Magnolias - White Space

I do look forward to a time when I have a bit more time to myself - one card a week is starvation rations in my book...! LOL!  I'd love to get back to some of my other challenge blogs but, sadly, I just don't have the time at the minute. My grandbabbies do and always will come first.

I've just got shut of them. 7:30!  Much as I love them, and I am seriously obsessed with them, I heave a sigh of relief as that door closes behind them....until I go back into the nursery and conservatory...! OMG! They look like a bomb going off would actually make them tidier!

Well, they can stay like that until I've had a breather!


I have just completed my Midweek Magnolia card for this week and here it is.  The theme this week is White Space. Well, it's white......! LOL!  

Don't 'do' space! LOL! I can sometimes make a KISS card but this one would not behave - it wanted more...

I've only coloured my Tilda's skin and hair (and just a touch of C1 on the violin) with my trusty Copics - the gown and wings are tinted with my Pearly Mettallic Pallette. Sadly, the lovely irridescence did not photograph well in the strong sunlight.

I'm too tired after a 12hr day with two toddlers to take another though!


BUGGER IT!   Too late!  (Must try harder...)

Saturday 12 May 2012

MIdweek Magnolia's Challenge - Monochrome

It's been a little while coming but here's my current entry for Midweek Magnolias! This week it's a Monochrome theme and being me, I've chosen a purple pallette. No change there then! LOL! 

The lovely sketch I've used is by my friend and fellow Trimmie, Janjanetta and is featured in this week's Sketch Challenge on Trimcraft, my home forum.


I've a week off from the ankle-biters!  Blackpool beware - they're at a b&b near you..! You have been warned! LOL!

I also have a freebie for my bloggy buddies. It's already up over on Eiglassing and her he is, my latest digi, 'Bok Bok'.  No prizes for guessing from where the inspiration for him comes!

                            Offer now finished - photo removed.

Please feel free to use him and enjoy but I would appreciate it if you would leave a small credit to Eiglas when you do.

I also have some stash on sake at the minute as my craft room was barely enterable....... 
 I've had a bit of a clearout and my excess stash is over at my Photobucket here complete with big piccies and prices.  

If you see anything you like please e-mail me at eiglas 'at' (using the normal format - I just use that format on here so a bot can't pick it up) telling me what you want and where you want it posting. 

It's best to check the p&p with me first as I will weigh in each order separately - I won't charge you more postage than the P.O charges me.

I think that's all ......  for now at least!

Thursday 26 April 2012

Southern Girls Challenge

I Love the Southern Girls' Challenge - they're always upbeat and fun! So, to follow the girly theme they have this week, I'm using one of my own digis - Lola - who is definitely a girl and who loves shopping, her puppy  and, being a typical young female, sulking!

Lola's due for more adventures soon!

Pop over to Southern Girls and have a look at the creations their talented team have come up with this week - super!

....eeeeuw! I've just looked at those photos - they're awful! I'll do 'em again tomorrow!


Wednesday 25 April 2012

Midweek Magnolias

...are asking for at least TWO Magnolia stamps on the one project.  I've used three as I have Tilda, her Strawberry and a landscape background.

It's a bit experimental as I haven't used my beloved Copics this time. I have a set of little-used Marvy Alcohol Markers so, despite not having all the colours I would normally utilize, I've used them! So that's the explanation for the pallette, having said that, these markers are little used for a reason....they're pants! LOL! Look how dull and flat the colours of Tilda are compared to the landscape which is Copic-coloured.  Still, it was a bit of fun!

So pop over to Midweek Magnolias and have a look at their demo cards - they are really superb! Each one is a work of art!

I also made a card for my lovely neighbours Irene & Tony, who have just become grandparents to twins.

Unfortunately I forgot to photograph the inner, which was very nice, before I gave it to them! Duhhh!

Hope you like them!

Sunday 15 April 2012

My Dani's Birthday Card

My wonderful, beautiful, sweet and totally amazing daughter-in-law had her birthday on Friday and I made her this card.

She's saving up for specialist screen-printing equipment, so we gave her money towards that, so I also made a matching gift wallet in which to put the cash.

Here's the card:-

and the gift wallet and slip.

My Dani is a very talented artist, but she has yet to experience the magic of Copics, so I also gave her her first 13 Copic Ciaos and a small supply of Ryman's Coated card.  

As she works full-time, she doesn't get that much spare time to follow her artistic leanings these days, which is a crime as she leaves me firmly in the shade.

She was chuffed with her gifts and I think she'll be Googling my Copic & ProMarker colouring Tutorial very soon!

Just got Ada's 4th birthday tomorrow then I have a 'birthday' break (!) until 23rd April....! LOL!  March/April & May are heavy birthday/Anniversary months in this family!

I hope you are having a good post-Easter time (not too much dieting!) and like Dani's stuff!

Thursday 12 April 2012

Eiglas sponsoring C.R.A.F.T Challenge

Here we are again with a wonderful new challenge at C.R.A.F.T  to sponsor!
I love the team at C,R.A.F.T they're such a lovely, friendly lot and so talented too, which is why I'm delighted for Eiglas to sponsor them every couple of months this year.

This month the theme is an 'inspirational picture' and I can't wait to see what you all come up with!  The winner of this particular challenge can choose £10.00 worth of digis or paperkits from my shop over at 

I'd be very happy if whilst you're over there, you could leave a constructive suggestion or comment on how I can improve my site/digis/paperkits or what else you would like to see.

The team over at C.R.A.F.T would love you to pop in and have a look at the wonderful projects they've come up with using my stuff and if you could also pop onto their personal blogs and leave a comment, that would be even more fabulous!

Here is my demo card for this challenge.

Jo's beautiful Highland photograph inspired the colours and the tartan and I thought my 'Monarch' fitted it well too. 

The blue, aubergine and tartan papers are from my Eiglas 'Galcelt' paperkit, which, hopefully, will be on my Eiglassing site soon and the digi is my Eiglas 'Monarch' which is on there already.  

I've coloured the image with my beloved Copic markers.

Look forward to seeing you all soon!

Lots going on at Chez Eiglas... ;)

I've been home from work now for nearly three months - and it has been wonderful...! I've drawn, painted, had an amazing time with ...