Tuesday 26 February 2013

First colouring for ages and a new DT...!

Been doing far more stash shuffling than actual crafting just lately and I'm feeling fidgetty!

Got some colouring done today, at last - the first since I went into hospital - not made anything with them yet - not entirely happy with Lavinia in particular. I'm still short of a lot of Sketch markers and had to fill the gaps with Trias, which I'm not so comfortable with - the barrels are nothing like how the colours look on the page to me.

This was also scanned and so not a kind way of reproducing colours - they do look better in 'the flesh' so to speak.

Perhaps I'll try a photo tomorrow....or do them again....! LOL!

I'd better pull my socks up either way as I've been asked to join a DT!  Eeek!
Steampunk Junkies were misguided enough to come find me and are re-launching the new blog on 1st March.  

They're a great bunch of girls - very laid back and fun-loving and I'm really looking forward to it.

They're still putting out a further DT call so if you're interested, go have a look!

Hugs Ei x

Wednesday 13 February 2013

My Hubby's Valentine card

I'm feeling so much better and recovering really well from my surgery now and it's lovely to have some time to craft when I don't feel guilty..! LOL!

It's a box-card (or frame-card depending on where you learned it) and I've used my distress inks, Brilliance inkpads and some heart stamps to make the pattern on the base card.

I've used a little heart-shaped box that my gorgeous lickle granddaughter Ada bought for me with choccies in last year. I've adhered it into the inside and will fill it with home-made choccie sweeties tonight (sshhh...! Don't tell Nic!).

I had horrendous trouble trying to make this card as Nic was up and down every couple of minutes to see if I was okay (...such a sweetie!) so I had to keep whipping it under my worktop so he wouldn't see it!  Then it was almost impossible to photo as the Mirri was a nightmare!  But I got there in the end...!

Hope he likes it!

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Monday 11 February 2013

Eiglas February Sketch

I co-host a monthly Sketch Challenge on Trimcraft and I've decided to start uploading them to here as well - someone might find them interesting if their mojo has gone AWOL...! LOL!

My co host and I take turns and this month it's my turn again.

For this Sketch I made this demo card......

I hope this inspires some creativity as I am thinking of offering a small prize next month. I would this month but I'll have to remember my 'random org' pasword first! LOL!

Hugs Ei x

My gorgeous lickle Toby's 2nd Birthday...!

My super lickle grandson Tobias was two on Friday for which he had a lickle family tea at his home and then he had a 'public' one on Saturday for the peasants like me and his Granddad...! LOL!

We all went to the local 'soft-play' ( ball-pools and padded climbing equipment etc) and then he had an 'audience' with his aunts and uncles and me and Granddad at our house, so it was a busy day!

Toby is 'Mike the Knight' mad!  So we bought him some 'Mike the Knight' dress-up stuff for him and I made this card to fit the theme. I did actually add a few bits after I photo'd it - a bit of gold metal trim,a bit like the trim on the badges but real moulded stuff. It set it off well!

I drew the figures from pics on the net and on the dvd cover we have and coloured them with my Copics. I confess to cheating a bit with the background as it's a 'swatch' I made on my Paint-Shop Pro program! I wouldn't waste my Copic ink on such a large area unless it was for a real artwork.

The card is a biggie - 21cm x 21cm and I made the badges up with pics I printed off the net (probably norty but I just spent a fortune on their merchandise so I do feel justified as it's only for Toby - I'm not selling them).

Toblerone was delighted with his haul, especially the shield which opens up to a mini-laptop and has a mini-game console inside which plays the tunes from the show and asks questions.

A good day was had by all!


Sunday 3 February 2013

Altered Art Dictionary Page

One of the Facebook craft groups I've joined is Altered Art Dictionary.
The idea is you acquire an old dictionary (mine came from Oxfam) and select words to illustrate with drawings, mixed media, stamps etc.

It's taken me ages because a) I couldn't source an old dictionary I could bring myself to desecrate and b) I had some trouble 'seeing' what I could do.

However, I managed it in the end and for a first attempt it's okay. When I get a bit more recovered from my op, I'll probably do more to it but I'm not yet well enough to excavate my studio for embellies!

Hopefully, I'll improve as I get used to the idea!

Hugs Ei x

Saturday 2 February 2013

For my lovely Sister-in-Law Marg....

I made these presents for my much-loved Sister-in-law Marg for Christmas but couldn't show them until I'd given them to her and as both of us have been as ill as could be over Christmas, we've only just managed the pressie-swapping thing!

First of all, I drew a pet portrait of her adored and much lamented Wheaten Terrier Bix.  It wasn't as straightforward as usual because Marg and my brother Alan, lost most of their photos in an accident with a fish-tank so I didn't have much to go on.  

I enlisted the help of my nephew Dave and got him to find me a couploe of photos and took the likeness from them. I ran them past Dave first to make sure I'd caught the likeness properly.

Here's the photo I had........

Wheaten Bix

........from which I drew this portrait on canvas.....

...and made this bag...

...and with the other photo, I made this card which is in a tri-fold cover. 
The poem is not mine, but I loved it so much I used it for Marg.  I don't know who the author is - I wish I did as I would give credit to them.

Marg loved her presents and had a little weep!

The materials used for the bag were all purchased from http://www.photopaperdirect.com  and were really easy to use. They weren't expensive either, with plenty of sheets and bags so if I had made a mistake, I could re-try, however, it was so simple to do and the instructions so easy to follow, it was perfect first time.

Hope you like it as much as Marg did!
Hugs Ei x

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