Friday 2 January 2015

....Happy New Year 2015...!

Not been around for quite some time in blogland.
Was a busy, busy second half of 2014 in one way and another and I didn't get very much time to craft (or anything else for that matter!) for months.

I just about managed 70 Christmas cards for my daughter's charity drive in work and a few last-minute requests for bereavement and birthday cards for friends and family as I now have a job!   

Yes, that's right - a real, paying job!

At my age I was made up to have got as far as interview but didn't expect anything to come of it, so when I got the e-mail telling me to start I was a bit shocked, to say the least!

So my week goes a bit like this....

Monday - up at dawn with hens to feed them and poo-pick and get any eggs.  7:30 - 8:00 grandson Toby arrives for the day with Nanny and stays until about 4:30 - 5:00pm depending on Mummy & Daddy's work.

Nic gets up about 1:00pm (he's a shift-worker) to take over with Toby for a couple of hours whilst I get ready for work, make dinner in the slow-cooker and tidy up a bit, and get my head down for 40 winks before feeding the hens again at 3:30pm then leaving at 5:00pm to go to work.  I get back about 10:00.

Tuesday is easier - no Toby - but similar as I still have the hens and housework and washing and the rest of the usual stuff to do instead of playing with my favourite little playmate!

Wednesday - still up with hens (every day) but off to work in the charity shop for a couple of hours before going to my 'proper' job at 5:00pm. If Nic's home and up, he gives the hens their supper if not I get home in time to do it before going to 'work'.

Thursday - same as Tuesday.  Usually Nic has a day off somewhere, so we end up going shopping somewhere or we give the chicken run/corral a good clean out.

Friday is the same as Tuesday and I can usually get a bit of time to myself as most of the chores are done by now.

Saturday is pj day.  Nic is usually in bed until about 4:00 as been on nights on the Friday and it's too much hassle trying to get dressed in the dark without waking him. So it's the dogs, the hens and me until he gets up.

Sunday is usually family visit day - either Rob & Dan bring Elvie or, if Nic is up to it, we go there.

This is all very basic - the kids visit most days in the week and there is always other stuff to be done so, you see, crafting has been somewhat on a back burner as has blogging!

Not made anything to be proud of for months - the Christmas cards I made were quite ordinary - even Nic's!  I think I lost my mojo somewhere in my chaotic craft-room  -  and that's my next job before I go back to work!

Hugs and best wishes for 2015


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