Monday 27 September 2010

CCM Spotlight Oriental

This week at CraftyCardmakers we have our 'Spotlight' slot  and the theme is 'Oriental' so I've done something a little different from my 'Round the World' card last week and painted this'bamboo' image with my trusty Copics.  I kinda copied it a bit from an old postcard I've had for years...I think it's a pic of a 'proper' chinese art piece! LOL!

Anyway, I've mounted my 'painting' onto silver foil card and then onto hammered white cardstock with 3d foam.

It's finished off with a piece of knotted red cord adhered with red sealing-wax and a Chinese coin.
Hope you like it!

Do pop over to CCM and have a good look at my team-mates' creations - they're absolutely beautiful!

Thursday 23 September 2010

Nimue the Witch - new Eiglas digi

It's Halloween soon and over at StitchyBear we have tried to produce images that crafters in blogland would like.

I'm not big on 'cutesy' images and I'm not overkeen on the commecialism assocoated with our traditional festivals so I've tried to present an image that's attractive to use and also relevant.

She's my pretty witch called Nimue (...why do they have to be ugly...?).

I'm sorry I can't present her in a more appealing and visible format but, sadly, I think I've had some images stolen, which is why my 'Eiglassing' blog is blocked for the moment.
As soon as I get time, I'll make her up into a card and upload it.
Hope you like her!

Monday 20 September 2010

CraftyCardmakers 30 - Around the World

For my demo for this week at Crafty Cardmakers, I've chosen an image from one of my very favourite artists, Mo Manning, which I've coloured with my trusty Copics.

I've no clue what the the oriental writing says (if anyone can read it please elucidate!)  as the stamp set didn't come with a translation and I apologize for any offence if it's not the right way up!

The backing papers and ribbon are from stash but I think they were originally from Readicraft.

Hope you like it!

Monday 13 September 2010

Crafty Cardmakers 29.5 - Spotlight on Alcohol Inks

Our new challenge this fortnight over at Crafty CardMakers is ALCOHOL INKS. 

Oh yes, those things you probably bought at a show and consigned to the cupboard -  well its time to free them!!! 

The team have come up with various ways of using them and they can decorate numerous items including metal and wood so give them a whirl! They don't have to be Ranger branded - any alcohol ink is fine.

As always our challenge runs for 2 weeks, some of the team are also playing along with the main challenge too and have done a clean and simple card using alcohol inks but so long as you use the inks you can submit whatever you like

I used a white gloss cardstock ( Astrolux) and Ranger Alochol inks from the Rainbow collection. 

Using a non-stick worksheet to protect my worktop, I dropped very small puddles of different inks and a light smattering of blending solution onto the card, then blew it around through a straw. When is was mostly dry, I placed an absorbent paper on top and blotted it then 'polished' it with kitchen roll. 

I then stamped on it with Versafine black and the three different stamps you see.
It was then heat-set and mounted it on silver and Bazzil with two different types of ribbon to finish off.

The butterfly verse is mine - you're welcome to use it!

I enjoyed using this technique as I am, essentially, a messy girl......! I now have a nice stash of alcohol inked gloss card....!(...and very inky stained fingers...!LOL!)

Hope you will pop over to CCM and enter into the fun - all abilities are welcome, no pressure, we just like to see what you come up with!

Sunday 12 September 2010

For Cameron - OSSAT

One Stitch At A Time has a very special challenge for you this week.
You are challenged to make a special "Rainbow Themed" card - an ' anything goes' type of challenge but must have a rainbow or the colors of a rainbow in your creation. 

This Rainbow challenge is in honour of a very special little boy named Cameron.  Please click on the badge below and you can read his story.

A little history behind the reason for this Super Challenge this week...
A very very good friend of Stitchy's who is known in the digital world by the name  "FUNKY" , has built a beautiful fundraiser blog for her grandson Cameron.
Cameron is autistic and Funky and her daughter are striving to him and other sufferers of this condition.

Some of you may know Funky, she has been in the digital scrapping world for a very long time and if you could find it in your heart to help Funky and her little grandson out, it will not go unrewarded.  We know times are very hard for everyone right now, so if you can't give even a couple of coins, please don't feel bad, but please do go and read his story, he's quite a character! LOL!

Thank you in advance all that take part in this very special challenge - have fun - and good luck!!!

There are 10 GREAT PRIZES FOR 10 equally great WINNERS...and that is only  at the main blog...

Prize #1 is all 5 of My (Stitchy Stamps) New Release Stamps
Prize #2 is all 5 of Beary Dust's New Release Stamps
Prize #3 is a package from Craftbrulee
Prize #4 is a package from Rod
Prize #5 is a package from I Am Roses
Prize #6 is 3 New Release Stamps
Prize #7 is 3 New Release Stamps
Prize #8 is 3 New Release Stamps
Prize #9 is 3 New Release Stamps
Prize #10 is 2 New Release Paper Packs and A Sentiment Sheet


I'm sure you will each of you want to help such a worthy cause and win a prize into the bargain!

Here's my card for the event - I hope you will like it!

The theme is 'Rainbows' and I've added the digistamp I have especially drawn for the occasion 'Rainbow Unicorn' and which is one of the prizes.

I am very proud to also add that Crissy Armstrong who draws the most amazing digis, especially her Carousel Horses, loves it !

I sent it to her, fearing I had 'borrowed' a little too much inspiration from her work (...despite not copying and owning only two of her stamps...!), but she was very gracious and charming and said she thought it was absolutely fine, and that she liked my drawing style! How fab is that!?

Please do take some time to read Cameron's story on his blog!

Wednesday 8 September 2010

C.R.A.F.T 67 - Colour Challenge

This is my last week on the DT at C.R.A.F.T and so I'm giving away my colour pallette and my own papers for the use of anyone who cares to use them for the challenge.

They're called 'Ada's Slave' and are not on sale as yet so you will be ahead of the field with them.

They're over there on the C.R.A.F.T  Blog, so all you have to do is 'snag' them and use them - all instrucions are there on the blog!

As an added incentive, I'm giving away a further lickle prize to the winner of the challenge ONLY IF THEY USE MY PAPERS!

The winner gets to choose any single digi stamp from my collection at 'Stitchy Bear Stamps'.
My stamps are a high-end resolution of 300dpi min and the set includes a png and a tif file as well as the jpg we all know and love.

So if you fancy a set of free papers, a free colour pallette and the chance of a free digistamp, go and have a look at C.R.A.F.T!

Here's my card, made with my papers.

I hope you like it (....and my papers...!).

Wednesday 1 September 2010

C.R.A.F.T 66 - Man's Best Friend

My favourite subject!
Dogs are my very favourite animal - well ahead of human beings and only just ahead of horses.
I love them all, so I'm chuffed we at C.R.A.F.T have a week dedicated to our lovely, cuddly, faithful, loving beautiful, noble canine companions.

With this in mind, our sponsor Lauretta's Digital Stamps have, very appropriately, provided us with two lovely lickle dogs with which we can, if we choose, make our demo cards and that's what we've done (...I've chosen the Scottie-dog...).

 Can you see him peeping 'round the corner? Looking for the postman no doubt!


I made a lickle Christmas Scottie slider card! Out he pops to see what's going on!

The papers are my own Eiglas digital papers and will be up on StitchyBear Stamps very soon!
I Hope you like them!

Top Tip Tuesday

I've just come accross this little blog which is launching next week (7th September) and I'm impressed enough to have become a follower - and it's not for the candy (although I won't refuse it if offered..!) as I'm not a huge 'cutesy' Magnolia fan.
The thing that's caught my imagination is that it's not the usual 'challenge' blog, it's more about hints, tips and techniques which I think is refreshiing! I love the idea of passing 'round the info and the inspiration!   I always loved doing workshops as I'm delighted when I can teach someone some little tip or technique that has delighted and/or impressed me and if this goes to plan, it should work in a broadly similar way.

Top Tip Tuesday promises to be a little gem, provided the tips don't run out!
Oh, and there's candy to be picked up too, if you like the Magnolia Tildas, but you only have six days in which to be entered for the draw, so get your skates on!

Go have a butcher's !

A lovely award from Judie!

I've actually written this up no less than THREE times!  I keep getting interrupted or Blogger plays up and I then lose it all (...and I do mean '..lose it all'...)!

My erstwhile teammate from CCM, Judie has very kindly given me this lovely award - thank you so much Hunni - we didn't work together for very long but I miss you already!

Apparently, now I have to say seven little-known facts abut myself and then pass it on x7!

1) I used to be a rock-singer 150 years ago and in another life.....!
2) I love gardening but after nearly 40 years of doing it, I can no longer kneel or bend over properly to do it!
3) I HATE ironing with a passion!
4) I love the countryside and wish I could live in the depths of Scotland overlooking a loch and underlooking a mountain.
5) I'd give nearly anything to have a house with a bit of land attached for a few chickens, a goat and a donkey. I'd like more dogs too and to grow more produce than my garden can deal with.
6) I'd give my life, in a heartbeat, for each of my wonderful children and my little star, my baby granddaughter Ada (...and the one on the way...!).
7) I have an IQ of 128 (...yes, I find that hard to believe too...!) but according to a recent 'survey' on a t.v. medical 'thing' I'm also on the Autistic Spectrum ....( I do have to admit to being a bit obsessive and anal about some things).

Now for my, I mean, friends...!
First and foremost, I can't go giving away awards with out my good  pal Claire being at the top of the list, so

1) HopeJacare (Claire)
2) Lynn in NI
3) Made by Mandy
4) Maria Simms
5) Maxine
6) Taheera
7) Cato

There! Done! At last!

Lots going on at Chez Eiglas... ;)

I've been home from work now for nearly three months - and it has been wonderful...! I've drawn, painted, had an amazing time with ...