Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Top Tip Tuesday

I've just come accross this little blog which is launching next week (7th September) and I'm impressed enough to have become a follower - and it's not for the candy (although I won't refuse it if offered..!) as I'm not a huge 'cutesy' Magnolia fan.
The thing that's caught my imagination is that it's not the usual 'challenge' blog, it's more about hints, tips and techniques which I think is refreshiing! I love the idea of passing 'round the info and the inspiration!   I always loved doing workshops as I'm delighted when I can teach someone some little tip or technique that has delighted and/or impressed me and if this goes to plan, it should work in a broadly similar way.

Top Tip Tuesday promises to be a little gem, provided the tips don't run out!
Oh, and there's candy to be picked up too, if you like the Magnolia Tildas, but you only have six days in which to be entered for the draw, so get your skates on!

Go have a butcher's !

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  1. Awwww thank you so much for doing such a lovely post about my new blog!!

    I really do hope you come back and visit once it starts up next week!

    Leanne xx


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