Sunday, 12 September 2010

For Cameron - OSSAT

One Stitch At A Time has a very special challenge for you this week.
You are challenged to make a special "Rainbow Themed" card - an ' anything goes' type of challenge but must have a rainbow or the colors of a rainbow in your creation. 

This Rainbow challenge is in honour of a very special little boy named Cameron.  Please click on the badge below and you can read his story.

A little history behind the reason for this Super Challenge this week...
A very very good friend of Stitchy's who is known in the digital world by the name  "FUNKY" , has built a beautiful fundraiser blog for her grandson Cameron.
Cameron is autistic and Funky and her daughter are striving to him and other sufferers of this condition.

Some of you may know Funky, she has been in the digital scrapping world for a very long time and if you could find it in your heart to help Funky and her little grandson out, it will not go unrewarded.  We know times are very hard for everyone right now, so if you can't give even a couple of coins, please don't feel bad, but please do go and read his story, he's quite a character! LOL!

Thank you in advance all that take part in this very special challenge - have fun - and good luck!!!

There are 10 GREAT PRIZES FOR 10 equally great WINNERS...and that is only  at the main blog...

Prize #1 is all 5 of My (Stitchy Stamps) New Release Stamps
Prize #2 is all 5 of Beary Dust's New Release Stamps
Prize #3 is a package from Craftbrulee
Prize #4 is a package from Rod
Prize #5 is a package from I Am Roses
Prize #6 is 3 New Release Stamps
Prize #7 is 3 New Release Stamps
Prize #8 is 3 New Release Stamps
Prize #9 is 3 New Release Stamps
Prize #10 is 2 New Release Paper Packs and A Sentiment Sheet


I'm sure you will each of you want to help such a worthy cause and win a prize into the bargain!

Here's my card for the event - I hope you will like it!

The theme is 'Rainbows' and I've added the digistamp I have especially drawn for the occasion 'Rainbow Unicorn' and which is one of the prizes.

I am very proud to also add that Crissy Armstrong who draws the most amazing digis, especially her Carousel Horses, loves it !

I sent it to her, fearing I had 'borrowed' a little too much inspiration from her work (...despite not copying and owning only two of her stamps...!), but she was very gracious and charming and said she thought it was absolutely fine, and that she liked my drawing style! How fab is that!?

Please do take some time to read Cameron's story on his blog!


  1. Fantastic card Ei! I have to say your Unicorn was an absolute joy to work with. I'm not suprised Crissy Armstrong loves it, it's beautiful. Love Jacky xx
    P.S. let's hope the challenge raises lots of awareness for Cameron!!

  2. That's gorgeous, Ei. I love all the bright colours and the textures, and the image looks fabulous!

  3. Great image - fab horse, I love the rainbow mane and tail - perfect! Cheers Claire x


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