Wednesday, 1 September 2010

C.R.A.F.T 66 - Man's Best Friend

My favourite subject!
Dogs are my very favourite animal - well ahead of human beings and only just ahead of horses.
I love them all, so I'm chuffed we at C.R.A.F.T have a week dedicated to our lovely, cuddly, faithful, loving beautiful, noble canine companions.

With this in mind, our sponsor Lauretta's Digital Stamps have, very appropriately, provided us with two lovely lickle dogs with which we can, if we choose, make our demo cards and that's what we've done (...I've chosen the Scottie-dog...).

 Can you see him peeping 'round the corner? Looking for the postman no doubt!


I made a lickle Christmas Scottie slider card! Out he pops to see what's going on!

The papers are my own Eiglas digital papers and will be up on StitchyBear Stamps very soon!
I Hope you like them!


  1. Great idea Ei - he makes such a fab slider the papers - very yummy christmassy and tartan - what more could you want! Cheers Claire x

  2. Gorgeous card Ei, Great idea to make it into a slider card, lovely papers too!

    Love, Rose xx

  3. this is stunning ;) i love the choice of papers.. and the coloring and. it is cany for my eyes! hugs x


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