Wednesday 4 January 2017

Happy New Year!

Well - goodbye 2016 and hello 2017 - let's hope 2017 is a little kinder than  2016 was, especially to our musicians and performers!

My New Year Resolution? Not got one. But I've decided not to do any more shows. They cost a fortune to attend, you have all the humping of stuff there and back and unless you carry items for £10 or less, you sell very little.

I did about eight shows in all last year - costing over £60.00 a time, counting petrol but not the cost of making my prints and framing them, and I sold very few items and those all in the first two shows.

So, no more - I'm too old and it takes it out of me way too much. But at least I can say I tried!

So I guess I'm still a hobbyist although should anyone knock on my door I won't say no... ;) lol!

I'm a big animal fan (you may have noticed... ;) ) and I'm very happy to say that my Fox drawings have been very popular in a particular Fox-welfare charity auction!

I've sold two prints and a tote bag featuring foxes with 100% of the £25.00 each time going to the National Fox Welfare Society and i have another two waiting to be featured in the January Auction. It makes me very happy if I can drum up these funds to help treat and save these beautiful, abused creatures.

These are the images that sold at the auction. Sorry about the resolution and watermarking - spoils the images somewhat but you can blame the thieves for that.

Why should honest people pay out £25.00 and another, dishonest thief just take  any image they like?

                          This one is  'Reynard'. He's having a bit of a rest.....

                           This is the tote I made - featuring 'Foxy'...

                                ....and this is my 'Vixen and Cub'

My last fox of 2016 is the beautiful Aphrodite, who was saved by a member of the public in a suburban road and was treated and rehabilitated by the NFWS

The NFWS are brilliant - they will supply free treatment for mange and other issues and will trap and transport any injured or sick fox to a vet for treatment and it's all voluntary.

But in case I am appearing to be biased, here's my last drawing of 2016....

                             ......'You mentioned mealworms...? '

See you all again soon (I hope to be better at updating this year now I'm not wasting my time at the shows.)

Just a reminder - any and all of my drawings/paintings are available to purchase. Just either e-mail me or leave me a comm and I'll get back to you!
I am also happy to do Pet Portraits to order.


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