Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Southern Gals Challenge - Baby Baby...!

This week the Southern Gals have turned their attention to all things maternal - and that means babies!

As you probably know. I have one or two digi-stamps of babies.....and also baby-themed digital paper kits, but this time I've used one of my Eiglas digi-stamps, called 'A Little Secret...' portraying a pregnant young woman, which was actually a bespoke drawing I did for a friend who was making a card for one of her pregnant friends.

Looking at it now, I wished I'd put a bow on it too and I shall, on the 'real' one!  I may take another photo later.  Anyway, I'm sure the cards over at Southern Gals are much better than mine anyway. Why not go have a look?
Ei x


  1. Beautiful card, love the sweet image.

    1. Hi Anesha!
      Thank you so much for liking my digi - you're very kind. I do pop over to your place now an then but as you can see from my blog - I don't get a lot of spare time at the minute. Grandbabbies take up most of it!
      I'll be a bit freer in September thiugh, when the big one, Ada, goes to school.
      Take care & speak soon!


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