Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Father's Day Verse

As I no longer have a Dad to make a Father's Day Card for, I thought I'd pass this one of mine over to those of my friends that might like to use it this week.


When I was only little,
sitting at your knee
I used to think of all the things
that you would do for me.
You’d fight my night-time dragons
well, if I’d asked you to, you would,
and you’d have fought my battles too
if I’d have said you could.
You’d fly in to protect me
if danger was around
and smite it with your fiery sword and make it go to ground.
As I grew older I would see
you weren’t a Superman,
no Bat-car waiting in the wings
- just a Mini-van.
But what was there was real and true
and sincere without fail,
you were Superdad instead, the not-quite perfect Male!
You may not be a Rambo
A Terminator 2
you’re not a Superhero Dad
but I’m just glad, you’re you!

Hope you enjoy using it because in a way, you'll be using it for my Dad too!


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