Friday, 8 April 2016

A quick reminder about the Artisan's Market on Saturday and Sunday 9th & 10th April at the Palm House Sefton Park Liverpool 17.
AS I tol you in an earlier post - I was chuffed to be invited to take a table there this year and to show my art-works.
Well - I am as ready as I will ever be! :O  It's been a marathon of getting prints done, mounting them (what a job that is! :O) and framing them (I think I bankrupted Ikea... ;) )

Just a point to make - as a fledgling stallholder, I don't have a card machine, so could I be really cheeky and ask you all to bring plenty of folding stuff with you as I am sure that many other Artisans are in the same boat?
My artworks start at about £15.00 and go up to my star of the show at £50.00.

Please do try to come - if not to see me then to try out the wonderful food and music that will be there as well as loads of other fab stuff!
Be there or be square!  

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