Sunday, 24 May 2009

Cap'n Ada Takes 40 Winks

Our beautiful, kind daughter and her handsome thoughtful brothers did a very nice thing today (...well, a few weeks ago actually but it only came to fruition today!).

Nic (my OH), an old sea-dog, had his birthday at the beginning of May so our lovely kids, organised by our methodical daughter, booked a narrow boat on the Leeds-Liverpool Canal for the day today for the whole family!

They couldn't get his birthday date because he was in work and today was the first convenient date we could all get together so on his actual birthday, all the kids gave him daft pressies with a nautical theme.
He got a 'Captain's' hat, a book of maps of canals (published by Nicholson, our surname...!), a small plastic launch for the bath, bottles of Lamb's Navy Rum etc etc.... His birthday cards all had a nautical theme and he was looking pleased but slightly perplexed when he asked me 'Are you sending me back to sea or something...?' LOL! Then Bev gave him his real pressie and the penny dropped!

Well, today we went on our jaunt and it was fab!
Apart from anything else - what a perfect summer's day it was! Not a cloud in the sky and a light breeze - perfect!

Crewing the narrowboat was a hoot! I don't know how the owner's can trust total landlubbers with their craft, but they do!
Nic, of course, isn't a total landlubber, having been an Engineering Officer in the Merchant Navy when we met and when we were first married, but it WAS a long time ago and he was NOT a navigating officer! LOL!

Everyone had a wonderful time and took turns apiece on the tiller, opening bridges and mooring up.

The only person not to have a totally wonderful time was poor Mikey, who has come down with whatever plague it was the rest of us have had over the last few weeks. Ahhhh! Bless!

Ada thought it was the best thing ever! She paraded around in her mini-mae west like it was Vivienne Westwood or something! She looked very cute in her white matelot pants and navy & white striped top!

Bev'll have a fit when she sees her photos - she tried very hard, pulling all kinds of faces, to keep her mouth closed (always a problem with Bev...!LOL!) because yesterday she had a BRACE fitted and she's very self-concious of it! Tell you what, don't tell her about them....I wont! LOL!

I've uploaded a couple piccies but the layout is quite basic 'cos I want to go to bed before my eyes heal up....!
Night night!


  1. oh hun adorable pictures so glad you had a good time little one looks adorable love cheryl xxxx

  2. Hi Cheryl!
    Thanks Chuck! I was a lovely day and enjoyed by all!

  3. What a lovely thing to do, and it looks as if you all had fun. Ada is gorgeous, bless her. I hope it blew all the cobwebs away after your rotten


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