Saturday, 2 May 2009

Faraway Friend

I have a cyber-friend in Australia who's been having a bit of a rough time lately, so I did the English thing and made her a card!
I've waited until she's received it before uploading it so here it is!

Faraway Friend

Materials & Method

One A4 pale greeny-yellow cardstock, scored & folded in half and then again,on the other side of the card, at the halfway of one of the sides. this will make a rough 'z' shape with one long side.

Laura Ashley papers of choice. One of each 12"x 12 & 6"x6"
3" x 6" scrap of other toning paper to back the 'turn-back'.
Toning Ribbon,approx 1 metre
Prima blooms or similar
Brads for centres of flowers. I used black ones.
Silicone glue, DST & 3D foam.
Hero Arts Shadow inkpad (in Celery for my scheme)
Small icon stamp to suit
Motto mounted on toning card

The pix tell it all really.

First use the icon stamp and the shadow inkpad to stamp randomly but not too thickly round the edges of the left hand part of the card, back as well!

Then using the inkpad, edge the same areas, smudging it in from the edge a little.

Cut an A5 piece of the 12"x 12" and adhere to the right-hand side (I stuck it on first and then trimmed it!) Edge with the inkpad.

Missing the first half inch (by the centre crease), stick, the 6"x6" on the left-hand side, allowing for the fold, but don't stick down the last 3" until you've backed it with the toning scrap.

Turn back each of the corners of the backed end of the 6"x6" leaving a little approx 1" channel for the motto.
You can stick these back, if you want to, with dst. I used a staple with a little scrap of ribbon on the top corner and the brad in the flower on the other.

You can now place a medium-sized brad on the outside of the middle crease of the cardstock at the level of the channel, so you can use the top of it as a fastener for the flap-edge of the card
, making a 'secret' compartment (the back of the front!)where you can put a special message or money-gift.

Stick down the half inch of 6"x6" hiding the 'legs' of the brad.

Now adhere your ribbon approx 1" in from front edge and down the middle crease. Also trim top & bottom of your 6"x6" with ribbon

Stick down the 'turnback' flap with a little dst.

Decorate with your Blooms to suit, I used silicone glue.

Stick your motto with a piece of DST into the channel left by the turnbacks.

I didn't photograph the back of the 'front' , (so to speak!) but I also decorated this with more of the 12"x12", ribbon & blooms. This, of course, is optional.

Don't forget your 'Made by' sticker!


  1. Lovely card, I bet your friend was thrilled to receive it!

  2. fab card hun as always bet yoru friend was chuffed to bits to recieve such a beautiful card.
    Love cheryl xxxxx

  3. She was! It was for Breandy from the other forum so you probably know what a hard time she's had lately, but she's feeling a lot better now and she loved the card!

  4. Hey hun hope you are okay pop over to my blog have something for you click on older posts and you will see it there love cheryl xxxxx


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