Friday, 22 May 2009

Feeling so much better now....

....not totally better yet - Gosh! Soooo tired! But the horrible wracking cough is starting to ease up (which I'm so glad about - I don't wanna be a Tena-Lady just yet...!) and I managed to actually sleep in a bed instead of a chair last night!

I must apologise for anything I've missed, omitted or said or whatever - I really haven't been 'all there' for over a week now and can't be held responsible, honest your honour! LOL!

Still, I got my 'Aida' sketches done so my time wasn't completely wasted.
I miss my little Ada though. Clearly, I couldn't have her this week and I feel like a limb's been chopped off! Should have her back on Tuesday though! Ahhh!

I think I'm all up to date now, so night night all!

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