Tuesday, 5 May 2009

My Awards

I was very very flattered and pleased to have been given a lovely Blog Award last week from Jude at Crafts-International.
I've only been doing this blog thing for a couple of weeks (with much appreciated help from RozPoz) and I'm still very much feeling my way around, so can you imagine my delight when I came on tonight and found another lovely award from Cheryl of Cheryl's Creative ATC's & Cards !!
Gobsmacked or what?!
Totally blown away!
Thank you very much girls!

In recognition of this lovely gesture, I'm allowed to pass the ward on to a few other deserving blogs and I get to choose!

The following blogs are in the Eiglas 'Stupendous Blogs' list!

Fliss at The Stamper's Chef for her clever techniques! Pop over and see what she does !

Roz at Rozzybee for everything she does! She is so talented but is never too busy to help another crafter. She and her blog are both FAB!

Piddawinkle's Caged Thoughts are next on my list. She has such an interesting blog with a real mix of things and a wonderful collection of links. I love her work and the attention to detail.

Patties Art is another blog with real arty designs and techniques. Lovely blog Pat!

Pauline of Passion for Papercraft always has links to yummy candy and her blog is yummy too!

Copics Colour Challenge gives peeps the chance to use their Copics to the end of their imagination! I don't have many Copics yet, but I'm adding to them all the time and should be able to enter something worthwhile soon to the challenge!

Charmed Delectable Stamps for Mikey if nothing else! I didn't realise they knew my number two son! Their blog is soooo cute! I'm not usually into 'cute' stamps but these are starting to turn my head!

Spyder's Corner is funny, wacky and interesting (I've always liked spiders myself...!) and well worth a visit to top up your giggle reservoir!

Charisma Cards for their lovely challenges! I do like a nice challenge - I just wish I had more time to enter them! I usually make the project and then, because I'm inspired by so many challenges, forget which blog or forget to get it on in time! (Sigh...) I'm sure I'll improve.....

Well I've listed nine blogs because I have two awards! Don't foget to pop in and see them because they're worth a visit!



  1. OMG!! I have an Award for you too! I'm having a bit of bovver with Mr Blogger, who won't let me upload, or down load names but if you pop over to Spyder's Corner, a little later and scroll down a bit, you will find it waiting for you!!


  2. ...well, what a coincidence! I am, right at this moment, editing my award list and guess who's there........! LOL!

  3. Ps...me again....if you want to choose a different one ...(I've changed it to a different one,) but if you'd like a different one please feel free to pick one! (I haven't many but I haven't passed on as many as I should!!


  4. Thank you sooooooooo much!Ei!! Will add this to my blog very soon...if Mr Blogger will let me!! (Honestly!It wrote ebvery thing in black, I have a black background, it was INVISIBle!! And then it craShed!!

    time for bed!!


  5. Thankyou so much Eiglas for thinking of me,I,m honoured :-]big hugs.......love your blog too!!

  6. What a thoughtful lady to go to all that trouble with these fabulous right ups and thank you for our fabulous award. I guess it should be put on Dottie's world if it's for Mikey but I could cheat and put it on both! LOL
    Well you promised me a cup of tea and I have one here next to me so I guess that's the same LOL.

  7. Thank you soooo! much Ei. I'm totally thrilled to receive this and have to work out how to get this on my blog. I'm really having a struggle with how things work at the moment and have to trawl through all the help sections.
    Everyone's blog look so fab and mine is still a bit boring! Must remedy that!

  8. Thank you, that is very kind. I enjoyed the tea and biscuits too whilst I was her - hope I didn't eat too many! GREAT hospitality!! :-)

  9. thank you so much Eiglas for the lovely award and the lovely comments about my blog, glad you are enjoying blogland

  10. Congratulations Eileen on your awards and thank you soooo much passing them on.
    have a fab weekend
    hugs rozzy xx


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