Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Guess what! Another award! LOL! This time from Lynne at Spyder's Corner! Thank you very much Lynne! By the end of tonight, I'll be able to post an award with me eyes closed! LOL!

Instantly I would like to share this award with my friend Cheryl who is so talented it's embarrassing! Her ATC's are amongst if not the best I've had the pleasure to receive and she is very encouraging to beginners.

There will be other recipients but I'm afraid it will have to be another day - I need me bed!


  1. oh my darling you are so kind to me what a lovely thing to say about my atc's. You really have touched my heart no wonder they say crafter's are the nicest kindest poeple you could ever meet. I certainly found one in you thank you sweetheart this means the world to me.
    Thank you again love cheryl xxx

  2. Hi me again!! Hope you're getting good at posting Awards! No rules on this one, there's two to chose from. (I like the Teddybears!)Pop over to Spyder's Corner, because giving all my lovely Followers a blog Award to thank them for their kind support!



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