Thursday, 23 September 2010

Nimue the Witch - new Eiglas digi

It's Halloween soon and over at StitchyBear we have tried to produce images that crafters in blogland would like.

I'm not big on 'cutesy' images and I'm not overkeen on the commecialism assocoated with our traditional festivals so I've tried to present an image that's attractive to use and also relevant.

She's my pretty witch called Nimue (...why do they have to be ugly...?).

I'm sorry I can't present her in a more appealing and visible format but, sadly, I think I've had some images stolen, which is why my 'Eiglassing' blog is blocked for the moment.
As soon as I get time, I'll make her up into a card and upload it.
Hope you like her!


  1. She looks fab Eileen - I like images that are different and hate those runofthemill stamps that nearly everyone loves to bits! Yuk! I hate it when people 'share' things or steal images. I have been offered time and time again images from people but there are rules to be stuck to and it infuriates me that it goes on. And Ebay is the worst for it - selling them!! Grrrr! No wonder you have to block your other site - such a cshame for honest folks, Sheila:)X

  2. She looks fab Ei. Really sorry to read about your images - what is it with folks! I have been without a phone for over a week otherwise I'd give you a bell.....who knows when BT will decide it's time to sort it out! Cheers Claire x

  3. hi ei ,
    she looks fantastic ,i guess she could be a white witch !!!!!
    so sorry you have had your images stolen,why people do this is beyond me,i hope you can get the situation sorted,
    you have always been very generous with your images ,its such a shame
    take care
    tracey x

  4. Ei she is lovely. I agree we witches are not all ugly. I am, of course, but that doesn't make us all the same LOL



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