Wednesday, 1 September 2010

A lovely award from Judie!

I've actually written this up no less than THREE times!  I keep getting interrupted or Blogger plays up and I then lose it all (...and I do mean '..lose it all'...)!

My erstwhile teammate from CCM, Judie has very kindly given me this lovely award - thank you so much Hunni - we didn't work together for very long but I miss you already!

Apparently, now I have to say seven little-known facts abut myself and then pass it on x7!

1) I used to be a rock-singer 150 years ago and in another life.....!
2) I love gardening but after nearly 40 years of doing it, I can no longer kneel or bend over properly to do it!
3) I HATE ironing with a passion!
4) I love the countryside and wish I could live in the depths of Scotland overlooking a loch and underlooking a mountain.
5) I'd give nearly anything to have a house with a bit of land attached for a few chickens, a goat and a donkey. I'd like more dogs too and to grow more produce than my garden can deal with.
6) I'd give my life, in a heartbeat, for each of my wonderful children and my little star, my baby granddaughter Ada (...and the one on the way...!).
7) I have an IQ of 128 (...yes, I find that hard to believe too...!) but according to a recent 'survey' on a t.v. medical 'thing' I'm also on the Autistic Spectrum ....( I do have to admit to being a bit obsessive and anal about some things).

Now for my, I mean, friends...!
First and foremost, I can't go giving away awards with out my good  pal Claire being at the top of the list, so

1) HopeJacare (Claire)
2) Lynn in NI
3) Made by Mandy
4) Maria Simms
5) Maxine
6) Taheera
7) Cato

There! Done! At last!


  1. Hi Ei Thank you so much for the award, it's really nice of you to think of me.

  2. Thanks Eiglas, so thoughtful and some similar likes ! If you are looking for a Scottish retreat..there is a gorgeoues village overlooking the Clyde (not a loch unfortunately) called Kilcreggan. I used to go there for holidays every year (family connections) I had so many happy times ! (plus I hate Ironing too) Kate x

  3. Thanks so much Ei - I'm chuffed to bits as we say in Scotland...loved reading your revelations - feel the same way about ironing - definitely the work of the devil, anyway if you wear clothes long enough the creases fall out.....Cheers Claire x

  4. That was a nice surprise! thank you so much Ei.
    I was reading your 7 facts,they are great but if you moved to Scotland you would miss the River Mersey. Your IQ is impressive Ei,not sure what mine is but as long as the 1 brain cell keeps talking to the other 1 i will be ok. What is 'Ironing' is it something new? he he. xx


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