Monday, 10 May 2010

My Lickle Honeycream Jar

Copic Creations has an interesting challenge this week - colouring with Copics on surfaces other than card & paper! Immediately my cogs started whirring! What can I colour which I haven't already.....?

After a good few minutes, my eye fell on another project I'm doing. I've been having a go at making my own skin-creams and toiletries and as a part of this, I've been hanging on to any interesting containers ( we crafters need an excuse for that...!) and I'd saved and cleaned up a frosted glass jar my lovely SIL had given me with some tiny chocolate eggs in for last Easter (2009) and I think she'd had it from her sister with a scented candle in it!
So here it is!

I haven't yet made this batch of cream (...which happens to be honey-based...!) so I've just stuffed some cotton-wool balls in it for now, so you can see the coloured image on it better.

The Bee and Honeycomb stamps are my own Eiglas stamps (...although the species of bee is inappropriate as it's a Carpenter bee not a honeybee...) and I've coloured them with my Copics and Spicas and a little silver metallic gel-pen for effect.

I tied a sunny yellow ribbon around the rim to finish it off.

Hope you like it!


  1. What a fab idea Ei - ooooo now I have to see what I can find! Cheers Claire x

  2. Hi Eileen, ehat a fabulous project, even better when it gets the cream in it. That is one beautiful jar, no wonder it's being passed around - lovely colouring and image.
    Thanks so much for sharing this with us at CC.
    hugs Heather xx

  3. This is brilliant, what a clever way to re-use that jar. I know exactly what you mean about keeping old containers... my family think I am mad! I never thought of using Copics on glass... so thanks for the tip.
    Caroline xxx

  4. What a lovely creation! thans for joining us at CC...this sure makes a great gift!


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