Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Blogaversary Winners!

Helloooo everyone! It's that time of the week again.......! It's Thursday......oh! Oh no it's not, it's Wednesday night.....! That's me confused for the forseeable future.....

Well, you know me - it doesn't take much and what with the C.R.A.F.T Blogaversary Celebrations ....well, it's been a confusing week! That's why I'm posting on a Wednesday evening! It is the winner's draw.......!

It's been SO exciting this week! We've had great fun with the sentence puzzle and the card challenge and the personal blog draws and.....well, everything really!

I have no less than three personal prizes to award! And that's on top of the C.R.A.F.T ones!

I'm sure you now want me to stop prattling and get on with it - prattling stopped!

Right! The first of my followers to post a comment and to receive my exclusive Eiglas Kaleidoscope Digital Paper Kit is....Rozzy B!

Congratulations Rozzy - I really hope you'll enjoy working with my papers & elements and will let us all see what you do with them!

My second Prize is to the LAST follower to post on my blogaversary thread.
So stand up JODI! Jodi wasn't the last post but she was the last FOLLOWER to post!
Congratulations Jodi! E-mail me with your address at and I'll get your cd in the post to you asap!

My third prize is the Sakura Souffle pens that Donna's Den have kindly donated for my prize this week.

This is a totally random selection - my daughter's Bichon Frise, Izzy, picked it out of the hat


and you don't get much more random than a Bichon Frise!

Step forward SUSAN(Saramar) !!
Congratulations Susan! E-mail your address to me and I'll have your pens winging their way to you in a jiffy (...bag...!) LOL!!

Well that's it for this post kids! I'll be on in a few hours with my demo for C.R.A.F.T's next challenge (52)!


1 comment:

  1. Good Morning Ei,
    Congratulations to everyone !
    Absolutely delighted that Izzy picked me out of the hat!!!l really enjoyed the Hop,it was a lot of fun !
    l will email you later this morning with my address.
    Hugs & thanks
    Susan (Saramar) XXX


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