Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Graphic-style Anniversary card

My poor Mother-in-Law, Bette, had a really nasty fall last week - broke three ribs and concussed herself, landing herself in hospital for a couple of days. The, arguably, worst part of this event is that it was her and Dad -in-Law Alan's 60th Wedding Anniversary and he'd booked a very special (not to mention expensive!) holiday for them both at a five star hotel in Majorca! Well, needless to say, they've had to cancel as Bette is still in bed recovering. Perhaps changing your kitchen curtains is something to ask other peeps to do when you're 83 Bette! Bless!

Hubby asked me for a nice card for them but they have quite traditional taste in such things so I returned to a graphics-based idea as the overblown, lacy, flowery, detailed cards we generally make for challenges would have totally non-plussed them!
Here it is!

I apologise for the piccie - it was a nightmare to photograph - the foil just reflected the sun from every angle!
We filled it with Euros for their spends too, but they have another holiday in November already booked so the Euros won't be wasted I think!

Hope you like it fellow bloggers!LOL!

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