Monday 11 October 2010

Crafty Cardmakers - Spotlight on Fancy Folds

This week at CraftyCardMakers we're folding stuff!
For my project, I've prepared a very simple Origami box, which could be used for lots of storage ideas, depending on the material you use.

I've used an A4 sheet of lightweight card which is patterned on one side. I've done that deliberately as I think you'll follow the instructions better if there is a plain white side too.

My box is a fairly shallow shape but it's really easy to alter it to suit.

Here's my diagram....

....and here are my photos, which I hope you'll follow okay!

1) Have your card wrong side up and gauge the centre. Mark it faintly lengthwise with a pencil if this helps.

2) Fold the sides into the middle and crease the fold firmly - use a bone-folder if you have one.

3)  Fold about 1cm back along each edge and crease firmly

 4) Fold each of the corners back so they fit snugly along the crease of the 1cm fold UNDER the fold-back..

5) Fold the ends in to the depth of the 'wings' 

6) Pull the sides out and the ends will 'pop' up!

The finished box!

This box can be made any size and can be made square as well as rectangular.
A lid can be made to fit by either:-
A) Cutting another piece of card 0.5 cm larger on one long side and one short side
or (if using A4)
B) Cut down another A4 by 0.5 cm on one long side and one short side
 making this up as the bottom box of the two !

Also a handle could be made to create a basket. The possibilities are myriad.

Hope you like it!


  1. That's fabulous, Ei. I'll definitely have to have a go at this. Very fancy folding, indeed!

  2. Hi Ei

    I have to agree, just Fab. I am off on Holiday next week, so will be taking this tutorial with me to play with.

    Lv toria

  3. Lovely boxes - very clever folding! I feel quite boring with my simple fold lol :o) Lisa x

  4. Great box defo one I'm going to keep on my to do list! Cheers Claire x

  5. great box and tutorial hun, well done

    judie xx

  6. Your box is gorgeous, Ei!!!
    Hugs Gisela

  7. Ei, these are gorgeous. Thanks for the fab tutorial, which looks easy to follow. I must have a go at this when I can find a spare hour!

    Lin xx


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