Thursday, 20 August 2009

C.R.A.F.T Challenge 13

For this week's C.R.A.F.T Challenge, I couldn't decide between two of my projects, so the team generously decided to put both on!
The first is a mirror I've made with a heap click frame and piece of mirror from an old broken one.
To this I've added Polyfilla and shells! That's it! So easy.
Okay, I also used a bit of my stained glass but it'd be just as nice without, don't you think?

My second project is a 'seascape' I made out of stained glass. It was one of my very first projects, which is why it's a bit rough and unpolished but I actually like that about it!

You know what rather important bit of information I've realised I've left out of the description? The shells and the sea-smoothed glass was collected over years by my children.

We had nothing when they were small and when we managed to let them go away with their schools on little trips or short holiday breaks, rather than have them spend their pocket money on presents, we asked them to find us a nice shell or stone and htis they did. They're all in their twenties & thirties now, but it makes me smile when I remember their little baby faces whe they gave us their 'treasure' when they came home. Ahhhh......!

I've a sneaking suspicion that when I publish this post the piccies will be the wrong way round but you're intelligent - you'll figure it out...! Thanks for looking and for playing with us at C.R.A.F.T! Hugs, Eiglas x


  1. Two stunning pieces of work. Anesha

  2. Both fab projects Ei, so great to have such diverse items this week - couldn't miss one out.....Cheers Claire x

  3. They're both gorgeous Ei, I couldn't say which one I like the best, both different but lovely.

    Rose xx

  4. Great projects! Shells are amazing.
    Magda x

  5. Great projects Eileen, glad to have you on board.




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