Friday 14 October 2011

My very good friend's birthday...

It was my very good friend Kathy's 50th birthday last week and to celebrate we went out for a meal at our favourite Italian restaurant The Olive Tree at Penny Lane in Liverpool.

The food was, as usual, succulent and very more-ish, although their serevings don't really allow for 'more' - you're usually stuffed before you get to the desert, which you have to ease down your gullet with a shoe-horn!

I haven't enjoyed a night out so much in recent memory, although, to be fair, I don't really 'do' going out - it interferes with my crafting too much! LOL!

I was, however, a bit stuck for inspiration for the card. 
It had to be a bit special, you see, Kath being one of my all-time favourite peeps and it being her 50th, but she's not a 'Tilda' girl and I couldn't think of a starting point that didn't involve a coloured-in flower or something equally ordinary.

I wanted something amusing, as she's as mad as a box of frogs (think of a posh Victoria Wood and you're on the right track), but it had to be classy too as she's a very classy lady.

So, I came up with this. Hope you like it!

I had a similar conundrum with her present.
She has more perfume and 'goodies' than Debenhams so I decided to make her a one-off necklace and bangle set as I know she loves jewellery.

Kath is THE original Pink Lady. She even has apples of that name for her lunch!
So, there was no other colour I could use!

She absolutely adored it. Hope you like it too!

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  1. Great card Ei and lovely necklace - I am sure she did adore it! Cheers Claire x


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