Wednesday, 23 February 2011

An award from Donna

My second award of the week!
The lovely Donna Mosely has very kindly given me this lovely little award and I do accept and appreciate it!

Now I have to pass it along to some of my favourite small blogs.

HopeJaCaRe Claire has been an inspiration and practical guide to me since I met her
( and her drawings are just fab!).

Lisa's Craft Garden - is so gentle and comfortable with so many pretty things to look at!
Twisted Witch - because Lin is a madwoman but very talented (I should hate her really! LOL!)
Lovely Linda's Craft Central - because she makes the most amazing things and has a way with vintage/distress to which I would like to aspire!!
Pattie's Art - Pattie never ceases to inspire and amaze me with her work.

I hope you'll go visit these five fab ladies! Thank you all for looking!


  1. Ei, I graciously accept the award, although why you should think me a madwoman is beyond me ...... *goes off to corner cackling and adjusting the straps on her straight jacket*

    Lin xx

  2. Oh Ei, how lovely of you, especially when I've been such a poor blogging buddy lately. I think I like being gentle and comfortable!!!!
    I shall wear my award with pride, thank you so much.
    hugs Lisax

  3. Thanks so much Ei - it's really appreciated!I'm very flattered indeed and your friendship has been always greatly appreciated. Cheers Claire x


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