Friday, 18 December 2009

C.R.A.F.T 30 - Reindeer Template Card

This week at C.R.A.F.T the theme is 'Free For All', which is a description of my house at the moment!
Between the deccies, the pressies, the wrapping paper, the craft-stuff, the Christmas card making stuff and an 18 month old granddaughter trying to cuddle an 18 year old cat whilst an on heat Bichon Frise awaits an opportunity to mount either of them and me with a lurgi, it's a madhouse!

I didn't think I'd make it this year - I'm usually well-ahead of the game at this time of the year, but I'm afraid there's a certain charming young lady who, although perfection in herself, has stopped my crafting gallop decidedly!

This week her Mama has been doing her preps for Christmas. She's had her hair done, her various important little places plucked, waxed, threaded and tweezered. She's been exfoliated, moisturized, teased and moulded into a vision of scrummy Mummy perfection whilst yours truly is dessicating and generally ageing by the nanosecond! I've no idea where my mirror compact is, let alone have an idea what my eyebrows look like! I'm covered in ink, glitter and glue, my nails are broken and stained and I have milk soaking into my top, just above my left boob, but ya know what? Ada is happy and enjoying her crafting and can use felt-tip pens and 'real' scissors not to mention the weaker of my paper punches and on a foray into TKMaxx, preferred the paper punch of a Scottie Dog to a teddy bear - how cool is that?! My gorgeous daughter is naturally beautiful but I'm very happy swapping pampering with quality brainwash time with my fabulous and very cool granddaughter!

My effort for this week is a steal from a card I saw at my friend's house years ago. I thought it was very cute and so here's my version of it. If I knew the origins of it, I'd credit them but I'm afraid she didn't know either!

The reindeer is a very simple shape which folds at the shoulder and head and the blanket folds back to reveal your greeting.

You can leave it plain at the back or face it with another piece of card but as the shoulder-fold bends the back 'forward' you'll need to decorate at least that bit. Even better, use double-sided card! I just didn't have any ds card of the right colour so I stuck the first reindeer shape to another piece of tan card and cut round it.

I used a bit of wool for the forlock and red glitter paper for the antlers.
I've made a black line template for it so if anyone wants it just leave a comment and I'll forward it to you.
I think it would be easy enough to change the head and feet to represent lots of different animals too!
Hope you like him!


  1. Awwww, Ei, he's so sweet. Love that nose. I couldn't agree more ... I'd rather be slathered with oatmeal and milk and have a grandbabe in my arms than all the mud wraps in the spa. Just got back from seeing our 4 year old grandson, what a treat. And, we even got to see our 23 month old granddaughter for 2 days as well. Heaven! Hope your Christmas is filled with peace and joy, love and laughter, health and happiness. hugs, the other ei

  2. Hi there -- I just had to pop in and see what was going on at your house -- sounds a lot like mine! Craziness huh? My son received his Masters in Fine Art in painting this week and decided at the last minute to have a party at my house -- tonight!!!! I am still trying to get Christmas underway and here we are with more cleaning and prepping. Ah, but worthy of a celebration. Your Reindeer is delightful and is just the answer to my puzzlement about what to make for my grandson's card -- granddaughter's was easy -- so, would love it if you'd share your creation with me. Thanks! and, Merry Christmas!

  3. I love that Reindeer Ei - he or possibly she is just so adorable( and I have a sneeking suspicion an improvement on the original) It's fab! x

  4. It's gorgeous Eileen. Just also wanted to wish you a Fabulous Christmas and the best New Year you could wish for.



  5. Love the Reindeer, he is just super!! Have a wonderful Christmas. Anesha


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