Sunday, 15 April 2012

My Dani's Birthday Card

My wonderful, beautiful, sweet and totally amazing daughter-in-law had her birthday on Friday and I made her this card.

She's saving up for specialist screen-printing equipment, so we gave her money towards that, so I also made a matching gift wallet in which to put the cash.

Here's the card:-

and the gift wallet and slip.

My Dani is a very talented artist, but she has yet to experience the magic of Copics, so I also gave her her first 13 Copic Ciaos and a small supply of Ryman's Coated card.  

As she works full-time, she doesn't get that much spare time to follow her artistic leanings these days, which is a crime as she leaves me firmly in the shade.

She was chuffed with her gifts and I think she'll be Googling my Copic & ProMarker colouring Tutorial very soon!

Just got Ada's 4th birthday tomorrow then I have a 'birthday' break (!) until 23rd April....! LOL!  March/April & May are heavy birthday/Anniversary months in this family!

I hope you are having a good post-Easter time (not too much dieting!) and like Dani's stuff!


  1. Hi Ei,
    Beautiful work !Fabulous matching wallet, its so nice when everything combines.Hope you DIL had a lovely birthday and l hope Ada's 4th birthday is filled with lots of fun and surprises !
    Susan x

    1. Thanks Susan!
      WE had a really lovely time at Ada's party - lots of lovely food and lots of hugs and kisses from the birthday girl!

      She loved her presents and was as good as gold all day. She's coming to me to play tomorrow afternoon too!


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