Tuesday, 15 March 2011


It's my brother Alan's birthday today and so I was once again, totally stuck what to make for him.
Fellas don't really 'get' cards.  They humour us girls (in general - there are a few who like them!) and say things like 'very nice' - you almost expect a pat on the head....!

Then my mind wandered (...it does that..!) off down memory lane and I remembered Alan when he was a lad, in his prime and as cool as Steve McQueen....(...he's more like the Queen these days...! LOL!)..on his motorbike!   

I could have gone the whole nine yards and drawn him a Norton Dominator, which is what he had, but I had made a perfectly good (and unused) drawing of a Triumph Bonneville (...the bike I would have liked...!) a while ago which was resting in a folder on my hard-drive, soooo.......

...here it is!
There's a verse inside too...

Remember many years ago
When you were just a lad?
You remember David, Bri & Me
Judy, Mum & Dad?

Dad’s pale blue Lambretta, 
Mum’s yellow Mini-car?
Your Norton Dominator 
Bri’s Beezer (...didn't go far..!)

I only had a push-bike 
And soon grew out of that
I always wanted a Bonnie
Even I’d be cool on that!

It never ever happened,
I had four kids instead
So here’s my Triumph Bonneville
It’s yours now Al…. 
‘Nuff said!

Happy Birthday Bruv!

The papers and Bonneville digistamp are all my Eiglas own!


  1. Super card, love the drawing of the bike. Bet he will love it.

  2. Cool card - sure he will love it! Not sure if you knew its a Bonneville that Angus rides! Cheers Claire x

  3. No Claire! I didn't or he wouldn't have got away unscathed last year! LOL!
    Knew I liked that lad - excellent taste..! LOL!

  4. gorjuss Ei, love the photo thingy across the middle, awesome

    judie xx

  5. Love it the card, the verse all of it. Soniax

  6. OMG Ei, this has brought back some memories for me too. My first Fiance had a Bonnie and I have a lovely picture of my beautiful Mum sat on it sort of sidesaddle like a lady should! The closest she ever got to being a biker chick.

    This is just perfect!! You clever little thing you.

    Lin xx

    PS If you feel like sharing the bonnie pic, I am still in contact with said first Fiance! Even though we never wed, we have been friends for 37 years!


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