Monday, 20 July 2009

Hi everyone! Sorry I've not been around - been on holiday in Pembrokeshire, South Wales and what a beautiful part of the country it is too!
Got some fab photo's to share, once I get organised, and what fab beaches! If only we could guarantee the weather, the UK would knock spots off anywhere in the world. But then I don't suppose we'd be so green and verdant.

We had a great time exploring the clean, beautiful & empty beaches, the rockpools and identifying all manner of flora & fauna, we went on a Sea Safari and saw seals and porpoise, we ate the most heavenly crab salad at the Boathouse Inn at Stackpole and also their Mackerel Pate - gorgeous grub!

Saundersfoot beach is very easily accessed, which is just as well as I damaged my knee getting into the boat for the safari. I now have what's known as a Baker's cyst behind my knee. Very painful.

We joined the National Trust whilst we were there and so got into all the car-parks free and also Carew Castle, which is well worth a visit too.
Unfortunately we didn't get as much out of it as we might because of my knee.

Broadhaven Sands and Barafundle beach are harder to access as is Marloes but I managed all but Barafundle which was just one too many for my poor knee. So I dropped Nic at Broadhaven and he walked along the coast accross the three beaches and met me at Stackple Quay where we had a lovely lunch!

Bosherston Lily Ponds were once the great fishing lakes of the king and are now safe haven for all manner of wildlife. It's quite a walk around the perimiter, so once again, I walked as far as I could and met Nic back at the car-park. That was quite painful enough thank you!

I did feel sorry for Nic as I did spoil his holiday to an extent because of my inability to walk at any speed for any distance. He's a very active man and misses our dogs every bit as much as I do as his great love was to yomp with them for miles and miles, preferably on a wet day. He borrows Simba the labrador from our son Rob now and again but it's not the same as having your own four-legged pal.

We met a lot of lovely dogs on our hol too. There was a beautiful Gordon Setter called Max who reminded us of a Gordon called China who once ruled our lives. We still miss that big galoot! He managed to be both a clown and very noble in the same breath.
We also met a fabulous Deerhound called Gracie, who we would have cheerfully dognapped and brought home with us in a heartbeat! Oh she was gorgeous!


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