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C.R.A.F.T 44 - Purple & Turquoise

For my C.R.A.F.T 44 demo this week, I ended up making two cards as I did one (not telling which!) and wasn't happy with it, so I did another! Then I went back to the first and altered it and now I'm happy with it!

I wasn't in my comfort zone this week with Purple & Turquoise as a colour combination (....I don't know why as I love both...!) and found it hard to get to the 'that's it!' point, but see what you think!

In no particular order here are the two cards.

Best Friends Forever - Sarah Kay


1 x 21cm square gate-fold card in white
1 x 15cm squ sheet of turquoise patterned paper 'Boxflower' from the 'Lauren' collection by Making Memories
1 x 15cm squ sheet of purple floral from DCWV 'Floral Prints' stack.
0.5mtr x 2cm turquoise patterned ribbon
0.5 mtr x 0.5 cm turquoise satin ribbon
Couple of Prima or Petaloo flowers
About 30 -32 small Prima flowers
Scrap each of purple, turquoise and lilac card to make message mount.
3D foam squares
Adhesive of choice
Coloured image, mine is a Sarah Kay stamp coloured with Copics (...what else...?LOL!) and decoupaged.

Nothing clever, just as you see in the photo!

Number two!


21cm square white card .
1 x 15cm squ sheet of turquoise patterned paper 'Boxflower' from the 'Lauren' collection by Making Memories
Stamped and coloured image - mine is 'Miki's Puppies' by Mo Manning coloured with my Copics.
3 x small scraps of 0.5 turquoise satin ribbon
7 x 5 cm scrap each of purple and white card for message mount.
10 x La Blanche flowers.
Turquoise pen for doodling!
3D foam squares for mounting picture & message mount.
Adhesive of choice.

Once again, not much method - just what you see in the photo!

Hope you like them!

Eiglas Challenge Winner!

I also have two winners to announce!

I said, last week, that I would give a personal prize to a selected entrant from the C.R.A.F.T Easter challenge.

I asked for someone to blow me away with a project that, just for once, didn't have a 'cutesy' image on it! Nothing against 'cutesy' images but there is nothing else out there any more! No arty images, no beautiful landscapes or still-life images - I trawled very many challenges listed on the 'Daily Dare' and not one of them had anything but big-eyes dogs or cartoon rabbits or similar!

As you all know, I love Mo Manning's images so I'm not against whimsical images - I like Tildas, Penny Black & House-Mouse and some of the Elisabeth Bell images and I have a few Sarah Kays.

A couple of weeks ago, I was showing my very good friend Brenda around the blogs, trying to explain to this non-blogger, why we do it (....don't even go there...!) and it was then, whilst I was trying, in vain, to find a graphics-based project to show her (...being a friend of very long standing, I know her taste...) that I discovered the dearth of such items!

That's why, especially at Easter, I though a little encouragement was warranted!

Now there weren't that many non-cutesy entries even with my very small temptation, but the quality was amazing! With a bit of luck, perhaps some peeps may have discovered their old non-cutesy rubber stamps again!

I had real difficulty choosing a winner becasue they were so wonderful and I've ended up with two that I cannot bear to choose between.

The first one was an absolute shock to me in the most wonderful way.

Carolyn entered this beautiful card and I immediately went and bought the same beautiful image.

I don't have a problem with Easter eggs and bunnies but we have nearly lost the origin and meaning of Easter and this card took my breath away with its beauty and its remider of the Passion.

Carolyn - you make beautiful cards and this one is special.

My second card is only second because I saw it after Carolyn's, not because of any lack in it.

Rosette (who, co-incidentally is our Guest DT member on C.R.A.F.T this month) provided this beautiful and breathtaking creation.

Isn't it gorgeous?

So, I have two winners and will be issuing prizes in the next couple of days ( I have a couple of days off from the ankle-biter....!).

My lovely winners will have a choice of digistamps from the talented HopeJacare
at Stitchy-Bear!

Hope you all enjoy looking at these lovely cards and pop over to both Carolyn's and Rosette's blogs for a look-see! The rest of their cards are equally amazing and Rosette's work can also be seen here and also at 'Mo's Dream Team' although you'll have to scroll through to find her work as all the DT have their stuff on there.

I've loved Rosette's work for some time and was delighted when she agreed to come to C.R.A.F.T as a Guest Designer (I originally selected her from a C.R.A.F.T challenge entry - we do this in turn) for the month of April.

Well, this is quite a long post for me, and I have prizes to pack....!
Hope you've enjoyed your visit!


I have short but important addendum to this post.

Apparently I have offended one of our very talented entrants on our C.R.A.F.T Easter challenge with a badly judged attempt at jocularity.

I would never intentionally offend or hurt anyone's feelings and have apologised most sincerely to the artist in question for my jokey comment coming over as anything but a 'wink'!

The irony is that I thought her card was super and said it was 'gorgeous' and 'beautifully coloured' but questioned, jokingly (... as these entries are all on Mr Linky and we have no interference at all in that..) the entry's connection, in my opinion, with Easter.

I don't revise my opinion but I do regret, and apologise for, giving offence where none was meant.


  1. Two lovely cards Ei, both beautifully coloured as always, I love the cards you chose from the entrants, that cross is fantastic as is the floral one. Well done to both the ladies. Hugs Suzi x

  2. Wow!! Thank you so much!! What a tremendous honor. I appreciate your very kind words. I hope to keep entering your challenges as often as I can.

    Have a wonderful Easter, and hope you will visit me again sometime soon.


    I will use your contact info to send you an e-mail to give you my e-mail address.

    Thanks again :)

  3. Thanks Suzi and thank you too Carolyn - I'm already a fan and a follower!

  4. Woweee.. this WAS a surprise!!! LOL THANK YOU... not only I am a lucky April GDT at CRAFT.. I am also a winner!! Yippe! Thanks Eileen.. Carolyn's card is amazing, so I am very much honored to be jointly chosen!! Thanks. I'll get in touch with you later :))) (now I'm off for my happy dance) :))

  5. Beautiful cards Ei for the Turquoise/purple challenge - i do have a particular soft spot for Miki's puppies - that is one stunning image - and wonderfully coloured as always. Your Easter card choices are spot on - both lovely images. Cheers Claire x

  6. Two gorgeous cards Ei, I love the images and how you coloured them! I love the cards you chose as winners for the Easter challenge too, they're both beautiful, well done to Rosette and Carolyn!

    Love, Rose xx

  7. 2 beautiful cards Ei (I wish you wouldn't add those frames though, as they take my attention away from the beauty of your cards, no offence intended)I especially like the one with Mo's image, it's coloured perfectly.
    Fab cards from Carolyn and Rosette too, they're both so talented.
    Julie x

  8. Thank you girls - you're too kind! LOL!
    Julie, I'd never take offence at a well-meaning suggestion - it's how we learn!
    I'll try it when I change my backdrop after Easter and see how it looks. I just feel it kinda 'dresses' my blog but I see your point!

  9. Fabulous cards Eileen, anyone who knows you will know you never mean to offend anyone. Love both of your cards.




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