Friday, 2 April 2010

My Dani's Birthday card - Polkadoodles 13

It's my lovely DIL Dani's birthday on 12th April so I've made this card for her and as I got my inspiration for it from Polkadoodles, I thought I'd enter it there!

However, due to Blogger bu**ering about, I missed the deadline for the sketch, but happily, the following challenge is a Birthday theme!

I've not really been on Polkadoodles before but I really like the graphic style that seems to be prevelant there, well this week anyway! LOL!

I popped over there out of curiosity because my blogging pal and team-mate HopeJacare is a member there and I love the style of her work - it's very similar in character to that of Dani who, sadly, no longer has the time to follow the wonderful art she used to make.

It really is a tragedy that our children work through school and then college and if they're lucky Uni, with all kinds of aspirations (in Dani's case Art), they often do this against all odds if they're not from a well-heeled background, and end up starting their professional life with a huge debt around their necks.

Dani, despite being profoundly dyslexic, obtained a good degree from Liverpool Uni (....we have two you know...!) and is a very talented young woman but her enthusiasm for working freelance, became short-lived.

Her work was usually for one Council or another, often teaching people with disabilities, and her payment from the Councils was sporadic, to say the least! The number of times she was either paid very late or not at all was apalling and although we were always happy to lend them a few bob until she received her payment they couldn't organize their finances in this way.

So, she now works in a totally different field (still helping disadvantaged people) and cannot bear to do any art. She has destroyed all her work because she could not bear to look at it.

So sad.

I hope you like her card though!


  1. Wonderful card Ei! I love your colours and that image is a glorious combination. What is going in with blogger.....I've been the same and can't get onto blogs to comment either!
    Thanks for playing at Polkadoodles this week. Maybe Dani will go back to creative persuits one day....sometimes we need a break. My brother Angus studied fine art at Leeds and now is a shop fitter! Cheers Claire x

  2. I love the teal colour you have used on your card, really pretty.x

  3. Thanks for joining us at Polka Doodles this week - lovely card! xx

  4. Your card is so pretty and the colours are beautiful. Thanks for joining in this week at Polkadoodles.

  5. Gorgeous card, I'm glad you've got to entre it after all. Thanks for entering the Polka Doodles challenge.

    It is a shame when dreams are shattered. You never know though, given time things may turn round.

    Luv Dee xxx

  6. Lovely card -thanks for joining us at Polkadoodles love Kate x

  7. Such an elegant card. Thank you so much playing along with us at the Polkadoodle Challenge this week.

  8. Lovely card - at least Mr Blogger worked this time! Thanks for entering the Polkadoodle Challenge - hope you can join us again next week!


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