Sunday, 18 April 2010

Recycle your old Bras for charity!

Yes, you are seeing correctly!
I was navigating to a toilet-roll tube tutorial recommended by Cardmadfairy and the lady who owns the blog, Annie, had a story to tell about her lovely Hubby who had been in an horrific motorcycle accident and had only suvived due to the work of the Yorkshire Air Ambulance.

Well, Annie wanted to help and perhaps give a little back so she and her family have been fundraising and have got a brilliant £1300 for the YAA but now, she has found out that the YAA want our old bras!

Here's the link to her post - go read it. It won't take a minute - it's only short - but it's amazing what you can do with an old bra!

I think she's marvellous!

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