Thursday, 15 April 2010

Eiglas Blogaversary Candy

It's Eiglas' blogaversary tomorrow! It's also my Ada's second birthday so a very special day indeed!

I can't let it pass without a lickle challenge to mark the occasion, so I've put some lickle bits and bobs into a box, most of which you can see in the photo but there will be extras that are not in the photo and I'm not telling what they are! LOL!

The only way to find out what's in the box apart from :
10 x gorgeous '12 by 12' scrap papers by Jennifer O'Meara
3 x DCWV 12" x 12" pink scrap papers (not visible in photo)
5 x Calligraphy pens in red, blue, brown, purple and green
2 x small scissors in a set (nail scissors really but they're perfect for decoupage!)
1 x pack of quilling papers in red yellow & green
1 x pack of paper flower shapes
1 x Dovecraft scoreboard
1 x pack of 10 die-cut aperture Christmas cards in cream to enter the challenge!

Due to postage costs, I'm afraid the candy is only available in UK.
If anyone outside the UK feesl a bit left out, then don't because I'm offering you an exclusive digistamp instead! Indeed, if anyone in the UK would prefer the digistamp to the candy, just say and that's cool too!

Dave's Fairy

This is the digi.

She's called Dave's Fairy because I drew her especially for a friend who makes the most wonderful stained glass creations. He wanted to make a fairy and asked me where to get one from so I drew this one for him.

That's why she's a bit devoid of detail because when making in glass, you don't want to be doing separate toes and fingers etc!. But she does give you plenty of leeway for your Copics or Pro-Markers for this reason.

Now for the challenge.
I'd love you to tell me why you want the candy. If you post the pic of my candy on to your sidebar that would be fab and link it back to this post.
That's the usual candy instruction and easy peasy! But before you link that comment, there's another bit! LOL!

I have two more digistamps which I'm posting here free for anyone who wants them.
They are the drawings of the very first clear stamps I made back in 2003. The are called Batik Dahlia and Batic Tulip and I would love to see what projects you come up with using them!
When you comment, I'd love you to link back to the project you make with either of these digis via Mr Linky.

Here's my sample card for 'Dahlia'

I'll do one for 'Tulip' when I get a mo.

To 'snag' them, if you don't know, just click on them to make them full size then right click and 'save image' to somewhere on your pc. They're a good resolution ( when making stamps they have to be) so you could print them out most useful sizes.

You may use these images in any way you care to but I would ask if you do publish them anywhere, if you would give a small credit to Eiglas. Just something like 'Batik Dahlia image by Eiglas' or something!

Look forward to seeing your creations and sending off the candy!



  1. Happy Blogaversary to you - you will be so glad that I am not actually singing that! Fab candy and thanks for those lovely digi's Ei - when I get A chance to use I'll let you know. Hope Ada has a wonderful birthday - no doubt spoilt silly! Cheers Claire x

  2. Happy Blogaversary Ei...out of kindness I am not singing lol!
    fab candy and gorgeous digi images...Thanks for sharing them...will see what I can come up with and will be back with a link as soon as...

    Cheers mate


  3. fab images eiglas
    will see if i can create some cards with them at weekend
    lol tracy xxx

  4. Happy Blogaversary Ei, and Happy 2nd Birthday to Ada.Don't know how to do the sidebar link thingy will give it a try though.
    The reason I would like the candy is 'cos for the past year due to unforseen circumstances I haven't acquired any craft stash apart from a Chrissy Pressie from my eldest ! I miss the smell and feel and look of new things.
    I will try and do something with the digi stamps.
    Again congratulations !!!
    Love Sue xxxxx

  5. What lovely digi stamps these are. I will have ago this weekend to see what i can come up with. Love the fairy stamp too, she is gorgeous. Soniaxx

  6. happy blogaversary and happy birthday to ada,the batick stamps look fab,oops i linked before playing along lol,that will teach me to read more carefully

  7. Hi Ei. Happy Blogaversary to you and Happy Birthday to Ada. These batik stamps are fab, thanks so much, I shall definitely be having a play with these.
    Have a great weekend.


  8. Happy Blogaversary and a very Happy Birthday to Miss Ada. What a special time for you. Absolutely loved coloring your gorgeous image. Thanks so much for the chance. hugs, eisey

  9. OOps I just realised I was supposed to say why I wanted the candy.... and also that if I'm totally honest I don't have a specific reason...other than I always want candy ;-) I mean what self-respecting addict doesn't want lovely goodies...and if I was lucky enough to win them I would definitely put them to very good use...

    Loved the freebies you gave us to work with Ei...they are gorgeous and so versatile. I just know I will use them again...and again

  10. Love the answers and comms girls - yo're all quite mad! LOL!
    We don't have many entries up to now so your chances are high!


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