Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Stamping ground workroom show! (WOYWW)

The Stamping Ground are asking to see our workspaces....! Aaaargh! Dangerous game! LOL!

Actually, mine's not so bad tonight because I had a clearout last week so the top is (for me...) relatively tidy! Notice there are no photos of the floor......

I do try to tidy my stuff away (mostly) after a session, so I know where everything is for next time.

I've done well with my cards this week. Because I've not had Ada for a couple of days, I've had a head start on the March and April birthday and anniversary cards which, in my family, are the main months.

I've managed to make six cards this week-end! That, for me, is super. I also did the tutorial and got some stash together for a fellow-Trimmie who makes cards for the local neo-natal unit here in Liverpool. I've also managed to do most of my follow-ups for the C.R.A.F.T DT!

So I'm quite ready for Ada to come back tomorrow ( ...or should I say this morning...?) morning.

Night Night!


  1. Wow, you have some serious stash in there!! And its all organised and orderly!!

  2. Very organised how do you do it with all that stash, I thought it was a shop in the picture frame good idea.
    Christine x

  3. I'm turning a very unflattering shade of green as I type lol! Fab workspace. We are midst Architects with a view for extention to include a studio - yipeee!x

  4. Cor, that is organised, very impressive use of space indeed! Love all those MS punches and your current workings look lovely. Fascinating. Thanks for WOYWWing!

  5. Wow Ei.....I thought I had a few bits and bobs!!!!! The actual 'working' space looks about as big as mine though!!LOL
    Super crafting space!!!!
    Jackie x


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