Monday, 11 February 2013

My gorgeous lickle Toby's 2nd Birthday...!

My super lickle grandson Tobias was two on Friday for which he had a lickle family tea at his home and then he had a 'public' one on Saturday for the peasants like me and his Granddad...! LOL!

We all went to the local 'soft-play' ( ball-pools and padded climbing equipment etc) and then he had an 'audience' with his aunts and uncles and me and Granddad at our house, so it was a busy day!

Toby is 'Mike the Knight' mad!  So we bought him some 'Mike the Knight' dress-up stuff for him and I made this card to fit the theme. I did actually add a few bits after I photo'd it - a bit of gold metal trim,a bit like the trim on the badges but real moulded stuff. It set it off well!

I drew the figures from pics on the net and on the dvd cover we have and coloured them with my Copics. I confess to cheating a bit with the background as it's a 'swatch' I made on my Paint-Shop Pro program! I wouldn't waste my Copic ink on such a large area unless it was for a real artwork.

The card is a biggie - 21cm x 21cm and I made the badges up with pics I printed off the net (probably norty but I just spent a fortune on their merchandise so I do feel justified as it's only for Toby - I'm not selling them).

Toblerone was delighted with his haul, especially the shield which opens up to a mini-laptop and has a mini-game console inside which plays the tunes from the show and asks questions.

A good day was had by all!


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