Tuesday, 26 February 2013

First colouring for ages and a new DT...!

Been doing far more stash shuffling than actual crafting just lately and I'm feeling fidgetty!

Got some colouring done today, at last - the first since I went into hospital - not made anything with them yet - not entirely happy with Lavinia in particular. I'm still short of a lot of Sketch markers and had to fill the gaps with Trias, which I'm not so comfortable with - the barrels are nothing like how the colours look on the page to me.

This was also scanned and so not a kind way of reproducing colours - they do look better in 'the flesh' so to speak.

Perhaps I'll try a photo tomorrow....or do them again....! LOL!

I'd better pull my socks up either way as I've been asked to join a DT!  Eeek!
Steampunk Junkies were misguided enough to come find me and are re-launching the new blog on 1st March.  

They're a great bunch of girls - very laid back and fun-loving and I'm really looking forward to it.

They're still putting out a further DT call so if you're interested, go have a look!

Hugs Ei x

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