Sunday, 3 February 2013

Altered Art Dictionary Page

One of the Facebook craft groups I've joined is Altered Art Dictionary.
The idea is you acquire an old dictionary (mine came from Oxfam) and select words to illustrate with drawings, mixed media, stamps etc.

It's taken me ages because a) I couldn't source an old dictionary I could bring myself to desecrate and b) I had some trouble 'seeing' what I could do.

However, I managed it in the end and for a first attempt it's okay. When I get a bit more recovered from my op, I'll probably do more to it but I'm not yet well enough to excavate my studio for embellies!

Hopefully, I'll improve as I get used to the idea!

Hugs Ei x


  1. Ei I think this is fabulous I don't know if I could do it as I hate the idea of drawing on a book but this is so pretty :)

    1. Hi Scrapcat!
      Thank you so much for your lovely comment Hunni! I was much the same until I made an altered book for my nephew's Christening with secret little 'hidey-holes' in and different embellishments plus charms and a special poem I wrote for him incorporated into it. That was my first altered book and this one is my second....eight years later! LOL! So I think I still have a few reservations....! But both books were destined for the bin as they're both well past their usefulness/accuracy of info but the one I used for my gt.nephew had a really nice jacket - tooled linen - so it was too nice to chuck. I reasoned I actually rescued that one as it's now a memory-box item. This one was also a charity shop acquisition. The cover isn't pretty at all but it is sturdy and in good condition so I'll eventually cover it. It's such a big dictionary, I think it will fill my book-altering needs for a good few years! LOL!
      Hugs Ei x

  2. This is amazing - the colours look stunning
    Debbi x

    1. Hi Debbi! Thank you so much for your lovely comment - I really appreciate it!
      Hugs Ei x


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