Saturday, 2 February 2013

For my lovely Sister-in-Law Marg....

I made these presents for my much-loved Sister-in-law Marg for Christmas but couldn't show them until I'd given them to her and as both of us have been as ill as could be over Christmas, we've only just managed the pressie-swapping thing!

First of all, I drew a pet portrait of her adored and much lamented Wheaten Terrier Bix.  It wasn't as straightforward as usual because Marg and my brother Alan, lost most of their photos in an accident with a fish-tank so I didn't have much to go on.  

I enlisted the help of my nephew Dave and got him to find me a couploe of photos and took the likeness from them. I ran them past Dave first to make sure I'd caught the likeness properly.

Here's the photo I had........

Wheaten Bix

........from which I drew this portrait on canvas.....

...and made this bag...

...and with the other photo, I made this card which is in a tri-fold cover. 
The poem is not mine, but I loved it so much I used it for Marg.  I don't know who the author is - I wish I did as I would give credit to them.

Marg loved her presents and had a little weep!

The materials used for the bag were all purchased from  and were really easy to use. They weren't expensive either, with plenty of sheets and bags so if I had made a mistake, I could re-try, however, it was so simple to do and the instructions so easy to follow, it was perfect first time.

Hope you like it as much as Marg did!
Hugs Ei x


  1. such beautiful gifts!
    your sister in law is very lucky
    Debbi x

    1. Thank you so much Debbi for your lovely comment - very much appreciated. So sorry I missed it until now.


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