Monday, 30 May 2011

...oh my goodness...what a week! about meeting yourself coming back! LOL!

I often state (...NOT complain, mind you...!) that my OH and I 'don't smoke, don't drink, don't go out anywhere, don't spend much on clothes or beauty salons etc...'
as an explanation of why I think I deserve my (sometimes costly) craft addiction.

Now my timetable this week will probably cause sneers of derision from some of you younger, fitter peeps out there but remember I've been retired for about five years and the OH is doing a 'part-time after retirement' job - we're a pair of old wrinklies!

This week's timetable has looked something like this:-

Monday :- Gotta get up early to get my project on for Crafty Cardmakers. I had to make it last night because I was too busy at the week-end with visitors and needed to photograph it in daylight!
Then there's the big shop. Monday is Nic's day off and he LOVES to shop (yukk!) so we end up in every pound-shop and Home Bargains type shop between here and Widnes. This week he was hunting down garden and bird type stuff!  I then had the usual house type stuff, feeding him and taking him to work in the evening.
I get back and make my project for tomorrow's Top Tip Tuesday because I was too busy with visitors at the week-end!

Tuesday morning :- up early again to put on my blog write-up for Top Tip Tuesday (...must try to get ahead on these projects...!) I'm not actually playing this week but I still try to do write-ups for my DT's.
9:00 am - I go to physio which includes an hour of physical jerks (ouch!)
Tuesday pm I get the grandbabbies - lovely, but knackering! Then the usual tea-time cut & thrust and taking Nic to work.

Wednesday:- 8:15am- off to new hospital for Glucose Tolerance test. This delightful experience includes a disgusting glucose gloopy drink and a two hour wait between blood-tests. Fun eh?
pm - I actually get a couple of hours before Nic gets up to do something for myself. What did I do...? Fall asleep! On my keyboard! 
Then the usual tea-time routine and getting Nic to work.

Thursday:-  Bev chose today to come to visit with both babies! I printed out some photos of them for her photo-frames and she did my hair colour for me.  There is a fair amount of 'blonde' coming through now, so I need Bev to make sure I don't miss any!

We're actually going out tonight! 

A bit of background:-
Our number three son Rob, is a talented musician and from the age of 14 had his own bands. His first band was Happy Accident who were phenomenal for their age. 

At 15, Rob was writing songs a professional songwriter would be proud of and this band of lovely lads included Allan William Jones, the drummer.   As a youngster, Allan was as cute as a button - small and dark like a little pixie and by their teen-years he had all the girls after him but he was only interested in his drums .......and his skateboard!

Well, that was fifteen years ago! LOL!  Then I got a 'poke' on Facebook. Allan was still drumming and playing in Liverpool with a band called 'Red Scare' - would we like to come and see them?  Would we ever! How could we not? I was the band's roadie for about four or five years - I wouldn't miss this for the world!

So, off we went to Mello Mello, in the heart of Liverpool hoping we wouldn't, at our great age, look too out of place!  There was nothing to worry about at all - it was a boho-style cafe-bar and the clientele was eclectic to say the least! We weren't even the oldest in there! 

Great atmosphere and the band were slick and tight with Allan - still adorably baby-faced at 30 despite his new beardy look - a real professional on those skins!

It was so lovely to catch up with him and his parents (they used to be Happy Accident groupies too!) but I had no voice at all the next day, which was a bit of a bummer because I had my Copics Certification course at 10:00am over at Warrington!

Friday:- Got up early - no voice to speak of, got ready and drove to Warrington for my course.  I knew where to go because I'd attended the preceding module
there last November.  

Had a great day there with Wendy and the other girls and came home tired but happy, thinking  'Well, at least we have Saturday at home.'

By now the dogs were taking themselves off to their beds as soon as I came down the stairs with 'grown-up' clothes on (they're used to me slobbing about in jeans and t-shirts and crocs and know if I'm dressed up we're off out!)! They weren't happy!

I got home and there, in the porch, was a letter.  I opened it. My cousin had only gone and got hitched and was having a reception on Saturday....! Aaaarrrgghhhh!

Somehow, I managed to sort an outfit, buy a present and make a card, as well as all those other annoying things we have to do every day that don't include CRAFTING or RELAXING! 

The wedding was lovely! And it was like a grand in the hand seeing our Kim looking so beautiful and meeting up with all the family again......the dogs were NOT impressed!

Sunday we dragged ourselves out of our bed, hauled ourselves to the park with the dogs, fell asleep over our cornflakes, didn't bother going shopping despite the empty fridge, I had to make a start on some DT projects but didn't get time to finish them because........WE WERE GOING TO A CONCERT AT 7:30PM!

Our lovely, beautiful, kind, generous daughter had bought Nic tickets to see Roger Hodgeson, singer-songwriter and erstwhile frontman of Supertramp, for Christmas and it was for Sunday night!

To say I've never felt less like going out is a colossal understatement! I was knackered! So was Nic. The dogs weren't speaking to us already! 

I can't describe the look of reproach shot at me from Charlie the Poodle as I came downstairs, once again in tidy clothes!  He didn't even bother to try and jump up and lick me, he just pushed past me and went to bed!

Still, they'll get over it!

I didn't really know what to expect of the concert.  It's been thirty years since I last saw Supertramp.  I hate seeing great artistes in their declining years if they are no longer in possession of that 'spark' that made them great. It makes me sad.  And Roger used to be in possession of a falsetto that would make a choirboy's eyes water!

I needn't have worried!  The concert was amazing!  It was just like listening to the cd - not a flaw in sight and Roger's 'new' band is equally amazing.

The audience was in the palm of his hand and erupted to standing ovation time after time. 

He will long remember playing Liverpool, I can promise you! Especially when half of the crowd, in unison, started to chant 'Roger is a Scouser, Roger is a Scouser na na  na, na na na  na...!'....a great accolade in my city.

Then we came home, had some supper and Nic went, thankfully, to his bed.
I, on the other hand, had projects to finish.......!

....oh, and I forgot to mention - 7:45pm Saturday, just before leaving for the concert, a good pal turned up at our house and asked Nic to put together two flat-pack chests of drawers before Sunday night....!

It's been a mad, tiring but fun week! I wouldn't want to repeat it too soon, mind you...! LOL!  

I have to sign off now - Nic's home and he'll want his lunch about now!

Have a lovely, enjoyable Bank Holiday everyone!


  1. Ei, Wow, I got exhausted just by reading your busy week. LOL, Hope this one is a bit better.

  2. Phew Ei, what a busy week, it seems to have got just busier and busier. I bet you are glad to have a bit of downtime after all that (hope you manage to get some!)

    Congrats on your Copics Certification :)

    Love Mandy xxx


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